Topic: What if the GCN adapter becomes compatable with the NX?

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I have the impression that Nintendo made the adapter originaly as an idea for the NX but released it early for Smash Wii U, I dont have any proof but its something that I thought of ever since hearing about the NX. It could be a possibility or it could be just another unheard idea. Just a little something that Iv been thinking since NX talk started...

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Though I don't think the original seed of the idea was NX-based (I think it was purely fan service for the current base of Smash players — and good fan service at that), I'd bet that the adapter will work on NX. Because whatever NX is, it'll probably have a USB port somewhere. And it'll probably have Smash Bros.

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@socialfreakz: Ooooo you! You have gone and planted a seed. A lovely seed that I hope bears fruit!

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