Topic: What 5 games must Nintendo launch the NX with?

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@Bolt_Strike Alright...suit yourself. You seem to have your mind set on this, so...fine. If you're not even going to give the game a chance, then I'm just not even gonna bother.

There is nothing here...except for the stuff I just typed...

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If I could have any 5 Games Launch with NX they would be, Nintendo vs. Capcom, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nintendo Kart, Okami 2, and Final Fantasy 15.



Here's my five! I registered just so I could respond.

1. Non-Galaxy 3D Mario
2. Metroid
3. EA NHL '17
4. Immersive Amiibo Game
5. "Wii Sports" ie- Capitalizing on the NX's unique features.



Splatoon 2
Bayonetta 3
Witcher 4
Fallout 5



First party titles? I'd be super impressed if Nintendo pumped out 5 titles at launch for the NX. But here's my list anyway.

1) Zelda Wii U/NX - I think we are all expecting this, right?
2) Mario Galaxy 3/Mario 64 2 - PLEAAASSSEEEEEE
3) Metroid 2D/3D - Seriously, when was the last time we received a proper one of these games?
4) New franchise showing off NX specific features
5) Pokemon Z - crossing over between the handheld and console (assuming we ARE getting the hybrid)


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@arojilla: I don't know that we'll see a new Witcher, Fallout or GTA any time soon. But I like where your head is at for Nintendo Third Party support!!!


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It's gotta have Mario, but above all it's gotta have something new. I don't think there is any combination of five games that someone could predict at the moment that would turn the NX into a success.

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Great thought.

I would say at least 3 titles early with the projected 'big' title being packaged as a bundle upon release.

I dont see it being a mario bundle...not that Nintendo does not do this with each console but they dont always do this as the first title and with the overflowing of mario titles for the wii u recently, perhaps a delay here. Zelda is a possibility but I have a feeling the Zelda U (name may change upon release) looks like it will be released for the wii U and quite possibly multiple platform. While it is plausible to think the delay is to wait for the NX release to coincide with Zelda,...I think that Zelda will make its way on shelves for the wii U just a bit earlier (and still be on NX for improved look)

I think the bundle game will be a game that will take advantage of it's uniqueness. If it is both console and handheld then a game that is easy to port and easy to play on either.

My guess

1. Bundled game = Donkey Kong

Other key early releases

2. Zelda (ported)
3. Metroid

Later awaited releases

4. Chrono Trigger
5. Mario Game
6. Final Fantasy 15 (ported)
7. Some form of MOBA



My true top 5 realistic NX launch games are:
1.) Zelda NX (a port of Zelda U)
2.) Super Mario Universe (3D Mario collectathon style not 3D Land/World style)
3.) Retro's Project
4.) Final Fantasy 7 Remake
5.) Kingdom Hearts 3 + Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Bundle

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Bolt_Strike wrote:

@NintendoFan64 Thing is that Nintendo refuses to change the core formula which has been done to death already. We've had 6 games, 5 of them in a row, which were generic Mushroom Kingdom games, had minimalist generic kidnapping plots, had no defining gameplay element or unique feature, were linear platformers that required you to get to the end and go from one level to the next in order. And the fact of the matter is that things like 2D vs. 3D and the gimmicks and minor features you keep mentioning are much less defining than these things, so we're well past the point where those kinds of gimmicks freshen up the gameplay, that's like trying to build a wall of pebbles to stop a tidal wave. Bottom line is that there's no reason for me to even bother with a game that refuses to change the elements I listed in meaningful ways, the games feel waaaay too repetitive by keeping them the same.

Also, the reason behind the Galaxy branding is to draw in collectathon fans and promote the game as one. Perhaps it's not necessary, but it makes perfect sense and helps players understand the idea.

I couldn't agree with you more. I for one have One Hundred Percented 3D World and while it was a good game, in my opinion it is HIGHLY overrated. It is easily my 2nd least favorite 3D Mario game (Least favorite is 3D Land). I dislike it's gameplay style a lot, it's just far to linear in my opinion. It's also one of the most generic 3D Mario games especially when compared to Galaxy (my favorite 3D Mario Game). So I hope for the next 3D Mario Game (be it Galaxy Series or not ) they go back to the Collectathon style.

The NX is going to be delayed to Holiday 2017 you heard it here first, also It should be pretty obvious what my favorite game of all time is cough Skyward Sword cough

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Are we going off the expectation of the NX releasing in 2016 or 2017 for these 5 games the NX should launch with? I still feel the NX is going to be a 2017 releasing system, unless we get an official announcement of the system prior to this year's E3.

In any case, trying to decide what games the NX should launch with is a tricky one, we're still unsure as to what the system even is at this point in time. For instance, unless the system is a hybrid system, in which case both Nintendo's handheld and console based divisions would be developing games for it, I don't see it as likely for the NX to launch with five Nintendo made launch titles.

Going off a rough idea for the NX launch though, and assuming it's a hybrid system, I'd suggest the following for it's Nintendo made launch line-up:

1) A new 3D Mario game - This should probably be in the vein of the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy Mario games (I don't like them, but it has been a while since we've had that type of Mario game), though not serving merely as a Galaxy 3. I believe it was mentioned after Super Mario 3D World was completed that the next 3D Mario game would be made for a new Nintendo system, or something along those lines.

2) An Amiibo focused game - Most likely built in, and free-to-play provided you have at least one amiibo to use. I'm not sure what approach this would take, I'd suggest either a casual paced beat em' up game like the lego series or a Nintendo Land 2 wherein new Amiibo's open new attractions and the ability to utilise the amiibo instead of your Mii in the theme park.

3) A new mainline Pokémon game - This idea is certainly focused on whether it is a hybrid or not, as being hybrid would allow for a mainline Pokémon to finally be playable on the consoles, given it has the features of a handheld to take advantage of. This would be a big thing for a lot of people.

4) A more 'hardcore' (for lack of a better term) focused Nintendo IP - By this I mean something along the lines of a new Metroid or F-Zero game. It could work as a new IP with a more... older audience appeal to it, or a revival of one of Nintendo's older IPs that have a grittier aesthetic such as Mach Rider, but I think it'd probably work best to draw people in if it were to be a new Metroid or F-Zero game.

5) A new Wii Fit - If the NX serves as new hardware, it might be unable to be backwards compatible with the Wii and Wii U line of hardware, which might be a problem. To fix this, an NX model could be made available with whatever additional accessories are needed for this game (likely the balance board). The streetpass functionalities of a handheld could prove helpful for this type of game, and it would serve as a good gateway for the audience that this type of game still has on Nintendo systems.

Other ideas that came to mind include a new Nintendo Dogs, a new IP in general (to once again have Nintendo combat that notion that people have that they don't make new IPs), Splatoon 2, and a new Pilotwings (they usually this to show off their hardware, as I believe it's been a launch title three times in a row).

As noted, I believe the NX will be released in 2017, which is why I didn't include some game suggestions. My current belief is that a new Kirby game, Animal Crossing (they've got the models ready on the Wii U, so that's part of the work already done), Pikmin 4 and whatever Retro is currently working on will be released before the NX comes out. Admittedly, a new mainline Pokémon game could very well release within 2016, but I feel we might get the Z version before that happens, pushing the 7th Gen to a 2017 release, and potentially on a new system. As I also believe it to be a 2017 release currently, I don't see a Twilight Princess situation happening with Zelda U.

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Super Mario Sunshine 2
New Super Mario Bros. 3
Mario Kart 10
Metroid Prime 4
Splatoon 2

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1) Super Mario 3D Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 3) - I almost feel as if Nintendo have been leading up to this. First Super Mario 3D Land, then World, it's time for Galaxy. What's more, this game will look extraordinary. I also think this would work using the puzzle-solving strategies of Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 but also using the traditional "get to the flagpole" gameplay style the Super Mario 3D franchise has been following.

2) FIFA/NFL/NBA 17 - If Nintendo wants to get every type of gamer onto the NX and bring back the glory days of the SNES, they will have to appeal to all types of gamer. This, I think, will be a challenge for Nintendo as EA are known as being very anti-Nintendo. But, if they pull it off, possibly with the exclusive content that the Xbox One currently gets, it could work.

3) Call of Duty - Again, this is one to broaden the spectrum. Not only that, but Call of Duty is such a big franchise that many people will laugh off any new piece of dedicated gaming hardware that doesn't get this game annually.

4) Grand Theft Auto VI - Although it may not be a launch title, if Nintendo does not get this game on their platform. I personally will be disappointed. GTA is amazing, period. The hype that surrounds new GTA releases is incredible, and if the NX has extremely good specs, GTA could look even better here than anywhere else. Again, it's up to Nintendo to pull this off.

5) The Legend of Zelda - DON'T port anything from the Wii U or any Wii brand console! Let go. Just let go. Wait for it Nintendo, and this as a launch title will sell. In this scenario it would be a shame that Wii U doesn't get it's own Zelda game, but oh well.

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My personal checklist of things that must be confirmed are in categories, and one thing must be confirmed in each category (maybe exceptions, like a huge game that I really want) before I buy the console.
1. 3D Mario (not in the vein of 3D Land or 3D World), any mainline DK game, or a Wario Land game
2. Any Zelda or Metroid
3. At least one of Pikmin/Splatoon/Animal Crossing
4. A darker, more mature title like Xenoblade Chronicles (I would take Fire Emblem too)
5. A new IP

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SquidOrKid wrote:

@Bass_X0: 10?!?

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A bunch of extremely Dark, Gritty, Thought-Provoking (in a negative way), Bloody and Mature titles.

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1. Football 2016 (EU or US)
2. Realistic Car Simulator 2016
3. Realistic 1st Person War Simulator 2016
4. Grand Theft Auto USA
5. Monster Hunter NX

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