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In lieu of the NES Classic Edition - where Nintendo have made the decision to bundle 30 games into a single package - I can't help but wonder about the possibility for similar collections on NX cartridges.

The Virtual Console model may have been impressive back in the days of the Wii, but it's ultimately flawed. The user has to pay for the same game(s) several times just to play it on different systems, and that is without save data being synchronised.

The people at Nintendo are obviously aware that the value of these titles is entirely subjective; but they're not shy of profiting from new opportunities. One of the best examples was the release of 'Earthbound', which was the only SNES game to be priced differently (higher). When asked why, the response was that games are "priced individually". Rough translation: we know how many people want this game.

There was also the "special deal" for Wii owners migrating to the Wii U, who were able to download Virtual Console titles that they already owned for a discounted price. Hmm.

A 'Classic Collection', for lack of better name, would solve a number of problems.

One is the perception of value. If NES games are currently (sorry, 'individually priced') at £3.49, casual users will likely be less inclined to spend a great deal of money on purchasing these games when they appreciate how unsubstantial the original development is. But if you were to pack 30 of these retro games together and sell them in one software collection for £25-35, you're more inclined to take advantage of the value rather than asking yourself how many of those games you actually want to play. This is similar to what Nintendo are doing with the NES Classic Edition - they're selling the opportunity, rather than the quality of the games.

These games are already emulated, so there's little overhead for Nintendo when they're being sold. And the collectability of the product could be enhanced with nice packaging/artwork, booklet and colour-themed cartridges.

Then there is the possibility of TV and handheld gameplay, which the NX is rumoured to offer. That one collection could be used both at home and on the road, and all the high scores would be stored on the same cartridge.

Various retro systems could have their own collections, and perhaps released in a number of series.

This is of course all pie in the sky, but I just can't imagine that Nintendo will carry over the Virtual Console platform to NX. It dates back to the early days of the Wii, when the service was new both in principle and execution. They need to come up with something else.

What are your thoughts?



I don't think Nintndo will continue with the Virtual Console idea with the NX. I mean, they barely keep it alive as is on the current platforms. Also I am sure i reads a while back that the trademark for the name has been allowed to elapse. However, I am sure Nintendo will introduce some kind of way of making the retro gaming from previous generations available.

I think the way most people would want to see Nintendo proceed is through some kind of subscription service, be it streamed or what ever. But to do that Nintendo would need to launch with a massive back catalogue of games available across a number of retro consoles, and not just Nintendo consoles either. Also pricing would need to be of good value to entice people on board. But it would make sense as it would guarantee a regular income for Nintendo.



Cross-buy combined with loyalty discounts on My Nintendo and more frequent bundles. That's all they need to do. I also think it would be stupid for them to retire the service. It's basically a way for them to print money. And a subscription model? I don't think many people would buy into that. For new indie games it could work but for retro games? People buy into it for nostalgia, they already know what they want. Subscriptions don't really make sense when you know what you want.

In terms of the NES Classic Edition I think it's a smart move. Not instead of the VC but as another way to sell this content. It turns it into giftware and a collectable item. Which is good because it means people are going to buy it who wouldn't be interested in purchasing a full Nintendo console.

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