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I looked for the answer and I’m pretty sure I know the answer but I wanna make sure, so I searched for a thread similar to what I wanna discuss but I can’t find any from recent.

So I ordered a switch last week and my boyfriend is considering getting one. I wanna know if we use one account and buy games together on that will we both be able to play them. And if we can, will we also be able to play them at the same time with eachother?
I’m sorry if there was a recent thread on this topic.



Well, you'd both be able to play the games, @rachel2 .... But not together! Sorry.

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In line with @BruceCM:

If you are gettng a Switch console, only buy your own games on it. This is the simple answer. You'll save yourself a lot of headache. When your boyfriend gets a Switch, then he can buy his own copies of the games.

****Animal crossing game saves cannot be transferred to another console. If your boyfriend starts an Animal Crossing game on your console, he cannot take his game save file to another console.

You can share a game card, but that only works when inserted into the console. (only one console can play it at a time)

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