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@jump : I would assume so given its niche appeal. It seems kind of redundant including a dub for a game so heavily centred around J-Pop. It would be nice if they did for those interested, but I think they would have announced it in the direct if they were going to include an English dub as that may have been a tipping point for some potential buyers.

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I'd guess so. Nothing wrong about it tho.

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  • New songs and music videos have been added
  • All songs, including the new songs by Kiria Kurono and Tsubasa Oribe, are produced by the Japanese production company Avex.
  • New costumes have been added.
  • Players can choose to keep or remove Tsubasa’s glasses.
  • The president of Fortuna Entertainment Maiko Shimazaki (voiced by Ami Koshimizu) participates in battle in the form of Sessions (and not as a whole new playable character) with a new costume.
  • Tiki (voiced by Sumire Morohoshi) also participates in battle via Sessions, with additional story elements.
  • Encore features a new adventure for the protagonists, with an additional dungeon.

Sounds like a decent amount of added content.



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