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Any idea when we are going to see these?? What are we likely to get?? Hopefully not just discounts!!



Just assume we are not getting them until the paid online service starts. A lot of people expect them to possibly pay for or give you discounts for that service and I think that is a reasonable assumption.

But no, there is no official word on them aside from "coming soon" which they have been since before the system launched...

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at the end of its lifecycle, when we already have all the games worth having

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I assume that we should hear something in the Direct, alongside the paid online service.

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This at least happened with 3DS.

It all started from Game&Watch.

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I fully expect Switch rewards to not come out for some time considering My Nintendo has been trash for almost TWO YEARS now and Nintendo has shown no signs of wanting to improve it.

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To be fair it wouldn't have made much sense to put rewards for Switch content until fairly recently. Usually the bulk of discounts and rewards have been for content that has been out for a while. So far the Switch hasn't had that much content to discount. It makes more sense just to put those discounts on the eShop just in general. And to top it off there's no VC on the Switch, no themes and nothing similar that would make sense as an easy digital reward.

It's easy to say that My Nintendo has been garbage and therefore you don't expect anything when the Switch comes on board. But at the same time if My Nintendo was fantastic for Wii U and 3DS content right now would you even care? I know I wouldn't. And even if I did care I'd feel a bit ripped off it I burnt a couple of hundred Gold coins on something like Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D if next month they have a 50% discount on Bayonetta 1 & 2 for Switch.

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