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Neon Blood physical release coming to Europe.

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Switch Physical Collection - 1,260 games (as of June 15th, 2024)
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Well, finally got around to adding all my games together that have arrived. So I finally surpassed the 1800 mark.

And everyone celebrate game #1800; Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes, with the runner up being Shadows Over Loathing.



That would be a huge task just to catalog them all - congratulations!
I guess you could call it Eiyuden Chronicles: Eighteen Hundred Heroes

I went into my excel sheet just for kicks - I'm at 306 physical Switch games, with 25 more currently preordered and awaiting delivery. Some 5 or so of those were from Strictly Limited Games, so they may never arrive at this rate...

Incidentally, my number 300 was Space Invaders Invincible Collection. It was an in-stock sale item from SLG.

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@Teksetter - That's clever, actually.

But keeping catalogue is easy when you start the moment you start collecting. Something I have been doing since the N64. Just so much easier to keep an eye on.

Also learned about and started using Gameye app as well, which also reports on prices too.



Paraka wrote:

But keeping catalogue is easy when you start the moment you start collecting.

I hear you there — it’s definitely much easier to log everything in real time than it is to backtrack and try to enter data retroactively.
I started my game collection sheet in 2022, mainly just for my Switch games, but trying to sleuth out details on my 2017-2021 purchases was tiresome and still not complete.

Given time, I might build the sheet out to include my older possessions. Maybe I’ll be able to include details like date of purchase and which store in Japan or the US I bought at, if the receipts in the boxes haven’t faded blank.

But there would be so much more data to reminisce about if I started cataloging years ago, as you did! Better late than never, though! It’s a fun exercise, either way.

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