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Hi I was wondering which system you preferred.
I am really liking the lite as having owned both systems.
I have the grey version.


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I have the original model. From time to time I play docked so it is fine. If I played 100% handheld then I would get lite. Love that pokemon one.

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I'm very happy I traded in my original Switch for a Lite, @qwerety .... I never played it docked, so it's ideal for me

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I'll take the larger screen and versatility of the joy-cons and dock. I haven't held a Lite, I'm sure they're lovely, like the Vita, but just not as nifty.

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I just have the OG Switch and I'm perfectly happy with that. I play it in both docked and handheld modes, depending on where I am.

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The original Switch is perfectly fine as it is. I've played it handheld most of the time since I've got it and always thought it was a very comfortable handheld compared to others (like with the 3DS, playing Mario Kart was never comfortable but on the Switch it is amazing). Sometimes I've played it in docked mode and I like having that option there. I don't see why anyone would get the Switch Lite unless they're strapped for money, but to each their own.

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While the Switch screen is great, a tv screen gives you more detail & visual depth, which i find more immersive playing games with big backdrops. I also sometimes play games with my brother & nieces, and TV let's other participate or watch.

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As an owner of both a launch Switch Phat and the recent Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition, I can say I'm definitely partial to the Lite at this point. The original model is fine for what it is, but, in handheld mode, it's large and heavy enough that I find playing it to be rather uncomfortable. Comfort-wise, it's fine enough with a grip, but I'm not a fan of how huge it is, which has definitely led to me leaving the thing home most of the time and taking my Vita or 3DS with me instead when I go out somewhere. While the Lite isn't significantly smaller or lighter, it's just small and light enough that it feels quite a bit more portable. Also, being smaller and lighter, I'm finding it to be more comfortable to hold naked (I still have a grip, because why not, but I could happily use it without one, which isn't true of the Phat model). Also, the D-Pad on my Lite is terrific. It finally feels right playing 2D games in handheld mode.

I still want the hybrid model for TV play, obviously. But considering I spend most of my Switch time playing in handheld mode, I've decided to make the Lite my "go to" Switch.

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If your the portable type and have no need for TV then get the Lite. But if you should ever want TV aka Witcher 3 then you will have to pay more to have this feature. There's a sacrifice to going Lite and it will be sooner or later if you want to TV those games or have family fun. But for me would spend a little more to have this option.



I have the original and the Pokémon Lite, and my original is played almost exclusively in handheld mode. The only times that I would play it docked is if I take the console to a friend's house. On three separate occasions last year, I worked interstate and took my dock with me to play at the hotel that I was staying in, which was great.

I love the versatility of the system and overwhelmingly prefer the original model for that reason (plus HD rumble). I can only ever see myself using the Switch Lite under very specific circumstances (and for trading Pokémon with myself as I always buy both versions).

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I agree with most of the people above, I have played on Switch and I own a Lite and I prefer the Lite. The original is way too heavy (I mean in handheld mode) and doesn't have a D-pad and the Lite is just more comfortable to hold. The Lite is 31% lighter and the edges are smoother so it feels right in my hands.



I would be fine with either, tho I have the original. I have yet to dock it. But I do like having the options as far as table top, larger screen and the ability to dock it one day. Plus, customization with joycons.

That said, it would be cool to have a more portable system with a longer battery life and a D pad.

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I've also switched to the lite (pun intended), and loving it. Obviously you can't go wrong with either, but I've decided to organize my gaming time by having my tv dedicated to PS4 gaming only and the Lite for handheld play around the house and travelling.

I agree with those who mention the comfort factor of the Lite and I also like that it's all one piece. I've got the Pokemon version and the design is perfect.



Lucky I have both switch and lite. I have to say, they are all awesome. The switch can connect with TV with Ring fit and if play Zelda then I refer in Lite.



I prefer the original better. I usually play in my room, so I like to play it on the TV, with detachable Joy-Cons


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Gcontrollers wrote:

Lucky I have both switch and lite. I have to say, they are all awesome. The switch can connect with TV with Ring fit and if play Zelda then I refer in Lite.

Only problem is only one account per Switch. I find BotW better on Docked mode for more immersive game play.



I got a switch lite only. 2 reasons. The price. And because I prefer to play it outside or laying in bed. Yeah reading stuff in games like Hyrule Warriors or Fire Emblem Warriors is annoying but that's all it is. The D-pad is also a nice plus.



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