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Wet and Dry
Course ID: W6C-N1X-NGG
Game Style: Super Mario World
Course Theme: Underground/Underwater
Description: The level floods each time you enter a pipe, making the impossible be possible!

A (slightly easier) remake of my most popular level from the Wii U game, that uses some of the new features to make it better. The main area and the sub area are identical except for water, so you must switch between them to get past obstacles that are only possible underwater or vice versa.

I had considered using the changing water levels from the Forest theme instead of a sub area, but I thought that having to wait for the water to rise and fall wasn't as good.

This game is great! I'll check out some of the levels here later.

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Wet and Dry: W6C-N1X-NGG
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Rising Tides: DJX-B8R-3QF
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Here are a few levels I've made.

T51-1NB-HLF - Yoshi! Yoshi! - A concept that I tried in SMM, recreated in SMM2
MXQ-C9S-GPG - Muncher Jumper - A new concept for a claw level
51B-21F-K7G - Castle Maze 2 - A sequel to my most popular SMM level
17V-6XW-0XG - Castle Shmup 2.0 - A sequel to a shmup level I did in SMM



@NorseGamerTommy Escape From Kamek was a fun little level. Also, much easier once I realized the lava wouldn't keep going up. I found out an interesting way to cut the time on my best run a bit.

Snowy Hills is a tad easy, but I've been (attempting) to wrest the speedrun record from a Japanese player. And, I have to say, the level feels like it was designed with speedrunning in mind in parts. The main thing keeping me from my goal is that wind tunnel thing mid-way through the level. I'll figure it out, though.

The Boss Gauntlet was also well-done.

I'll definitely get to your other levels at some point. Thanks!

@Quarth No problem. Although a Japanese player has permanently displaced me from first place on one of your levels by getting to the flag in the fastest possible speed, and I'm a tad salty about it. These Japanese players, man.

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Here are my levels:
World 1-1: 9PT-99V-45G
Ice and Fire: YYJ-1YW-9RF
Doors!!!: JF3-WQ0-RFF
Wow world: JT5-FS4-YRF


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@Quarth @Ralizah
Appreciate the feedback. If you guys are creating levels I would much rather prefer to just follow you so that I can play your levels whenever you post them, rather than have to look up codes that you share here every single time (although sharing the code is nice to let me know that you’ve got something new).

But I won’t be playing levels until I get all 8 of my Mario Maker U levels reconstructed. I’ve got three or four that are absolutely amazing, and one of those is a Metroidvania masterpiece. I’m super proud of those levels. It’s going to take some time to rebuild everything and tweak as needed to perhaps improve, but when those levels are moved over I will go through and play every single level shared.

If you’d like, share your maker IDs and I’ll just search you to follow quick. And here’s mine just in case you or anyone else wants to do the same

Maker ID

I also uploaded my first U level, but it was my first level I ever made and it’s not even a full length stage. And it’s very easy. So if you’re looking for engaging challenge I wouldn’t recommend playing it, but I’m going to leave the link here because I know some people enjoy easier, carefree levels. As a disclaimer, these two are not indicative of the quality of the remaining six. That’s not to say they are bad levels, because I still think they’re better than average. I was getting better as I went, and Koopa Kavern is pretty cool actually.

Learning Curve [Easy]

Koopa Kavern [Intermediate]

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Only the first level I uploaded is getting played ATM so here are a couple of others:
9RG-CP0-SSG : "Who turned off the lights?"
I think my best one so far. Not many obstacles but because of the theme and the layout you don't really feel safe. I was originally making it as a pirate ship level but changed the theme to night and went in a different direction which I think worked out better. There is also a secret in this level if you can find it.

L56-Q22-Y0G : "Strange Castle"
Again not intended to be difficult, the level theme is what makes it interesting. I've put the multiplayer tag on it purely because there's one section which I think would be entertaining with four people. I also got a bit of a laugh making the ending.

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Emerald Hill Zone - Act 1

The first level I uploaded was based on the Sonic 2 level of the same name. I wanted to have both acts in one level, but I only had room to just make act 1. Overall, I think it turned out well. I'll be working on act 2 next! Let me know what you think if you decide to try it out - I'm happy to have feedback.

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I built a vertical climbing level around the ability to jump out of the goomba shoes. When I figured out you could do a double-jump, I had to try something with that.

Trying On Shoes
Super Mario Bros. 1 - Overworld Theme



Yes for sure, right now my priority is getting my levels from Mario Maker U reconstructed and uploaded, which is going to take a bit of time. But once that’s finished I’ll come back and just drill through levels you guys are posting.

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Did a new course tonight. Quick run but some fun I think

Name: winter rush
Id#Rv6 Swb 0kg

Not hard or anything. Let me know what you guys think



Creator: BT Zalcy
Level: Lava Flood Castle

Hope you enjoy forgot to put coins in though



This is the first level I have created. Please try it and be fair.



I out a lot more time into this one, wanted to make it a bit more themed.


It’s called, Timepipe Fortress.

It’s about an abandoned fortress, there’s a few boss battles, big coins to collect, and hidden 1-ups to find. It’s considerably longer than my previous level, but not too time consuming.

Hope you guys find it fun to play.

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I made three levels. They aren't very hard, but I think they are okay enough to call a level.
SMB 1-1 and 1-2 Remix: M6C-TDB-H0G
Just a Few Coins: CD0-MRP-CMG
Clear Pipe Maze: M4L-MRN-FWF



World 4-2: YMM-TYS-1KF
A simple, quick level

Fast On, Fast Off: PR3-735-MFG
Speen run, not the best made

Thanks any who play, I will try to play all I can of others levels



Course ID's
Y31 NTQ 90H

any feedback would be appreciated. Gonna start playing through everyones on this forum now.



Hello players and creators!

I just created a course called "Seawall & Shells". It is a Super Mario World level, in a rather Nintendo-like style. I'd love it if you tried it! I'm looking forward to feedback as well, it's my first creation in smm 2.

I'll played and created levels on Super Mario Maker Wii U in past the past years

You think you can do it?

Good luck and see ya next time
C&C are welcomed of course likeI said before

Thanks in advance!



Try out my levels they are a bit weird, but first time mario maker!

Here are my levels:
World 1-1: 9PT-99V-45G
Ice and Fire: YYJ-1YW-9RF
Doors!!!: JF3-WQ0-RFF
Wow world: JT5-FS4-YRF

New World:
How to Make a Mario Fly? Mario Airlines


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@Ralizah Yeah, they must be from another dimension.

I'm following you now. Here's my ID:


And my latest course. Quite pleased with it:

Hey! Listen!: KMN-DY7-PGG

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Hi, I made my first level! it's called Bricks, Pipes and Goombas! PT2-SXR-9JF

I tried to include a few interesting jumps, but I'm not sure if I made it too hard, i'd love feedback!



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