Topic: Strategy game recommendations for a one handed player!

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@Heavyarms55 might I add that the Pokemon games on Advance are probably my personal favourites and are totally suited for casual gaming. @Winstable If you haven't already, this could be the time to try.

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@toiletduck I agree, I just didn't mention them cause they seemed so obvious! Lol

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I have This Is The Police, Disgaea 5 Complete, and Thimbleweed Park in my collection.
Both are easily playable with on hand on the touchscreen, no fast reflexes required.
Disgaea 5 has some isometric platforming once in a while though (bonus rooms) where it will be harder to play with one hand. It's hard enough with two hands to not fall of a ledge and miss the treasure. Rest of the game is turnbased though.

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