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@WoomyNNYes You do continue to get tickets after level 30 of which 30 tickets wouldn't have been enough to unlock all the launch weapons. Likely a case that you get tickets until you reach the max level given you can also get weapons early using 3 tickets if your level is too low to obtain normally.


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@WoomyNNYes Yes, you continue to earn one per every level up after reaching level 30. Keep in mind that you can also get more tickets by getting weapons that you own to one star.



Made it to S+10! I thought it wouldn’t be any different to getting into S+9/8/7/etc. but it seems it’s classified as it’s own special ‘tier’ and thus requires you to rank up in the same way you do when graduating from A, B and C ranks (win three games before you lose three games).

Still not sure exactly how the whole reset thing is going to work, but I assume this way it’ll be possible to try out X battles from December 1st. Bring on the Cool Season!

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Dang man I lost 10 matches in ranked today, and then Proceeded to have 15 disconnects afterward, playing late at night is not recommended lol.

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I got the Splatoon 3 amiibo cards (from ebay). They look great.

For Splatoon 3's new amiibo, can I get all three pieces of gear in one day,? So far, they only gave me the shoe part of the gear for each of the three new Splatoon 3 amiibo.

EDIT: I saw a reddit page where they said you have to play 10 matches or win 10 matches before you can get the next pieces of gear.

EDIT: EDIT: Well, it's not playing 10 matches. I did that. It was a proper losing streak, too. I only won 1 match, I think. It was painful.

Hazmy's youtube confirms it's 10 match wins to unlock the next piece of gear. So, I'll need 20 wins to unlock the other two pieces of gear. I really don't feel like grinding for it.

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