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Coming in 2022...

Looks alright, but also more of the same.



Didn't expect this to be the last announcement. Bit of a disappointment!



What do you mean disappointment? Splatoon was all we needed!

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This looks way more of a sequel than Splatoon 2 and I am all here for it! Gonna have to renew my NSO subscription when it comes out...

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@Octane Completely disagree. I stood up and started screaming Splatoon 3 all through my house!!! I will be impatiently waiting for 2022 now!!!


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I just got Splatoon 2...

No seriously that was awesome as all hell.



I never got 2 bc I knew 3 was going to show up, but now I'm thinking about it bc I don't want to be undercut by older players.

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Just looks like more Splatoon.

I'll probably get it, but... meh.

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That was unexpected but I'm super excited. What a great way to end the Direct.


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Well, I’ve got 1400+ hrs into Splatoon 2 so I’m certainly ready, lol



@Octane Yeah if they're gonna do Splatoon 3, it would be cool if they'd shown a killer new feature. Like couch co-op online.

Highlight of the presentation for me was Mario Golf, and the Mario items in animal crossing.

Hopefully one day we'll get a new F-zero, they're rereleasing Miitopia, why not rerelease F-Zero GX.



I really thought they were gonna bring out a spinoff game instead of a direct sequel.

Which means either my idea was better or this trailer just didn't bother to show anything that cool beyond a new setting. Either of which is fine with me. (also thank god its next year, I just beat Splatoon 2 recently)

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This is the most hype thing ever

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@Snatcher If you like Splatoon 3, you're REALLY going to wish you got Splatoon 2 when the online is still active. Just get Splatoon 2. It's great. I missed Splatoon 1 because I didn't have a Wii U, and I've been bummed I didn't get to try it.

Splatoon 3 trailer
I see new hairstyles people at 17 seconds in.

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Splatoon 3 looks Like it has more mechanics. Don’t like it so far.



I was hoping for a spin off, their solo modes are really good but too short so a dedicated adventure Splatoon game would have been great.

It’s still a day one buy though.

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@kkslider5552000 Yeah, it looked like a spin-off at first, until they showed the plaza.



Octane wrote:

Yeah, it looked like a spin-off at first, until they showed the plaza.

Well not just that, I assumed for a long time now that they wouldn't want to put out another full Splatoon game like this on the same system, so I thought a spinoff was inevitable.

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@kkslider5552000 Given how soon 2 followed the first one, it's no surprise really. But there's still five years between 2 and 3 I guess. Man, time flies.


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