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@Cynas I'm just saying there's no point in ruling anyone out anymore. Regardless of reason. Banjo-kazooie and pirhana plant basically set the standard that anyone can get in.

All I was arguing is that bayonnetta while one of the top contestors for the smash ballot wasn't really all that popular. With Nintendo fans for sure, but my assumption with your argument is that astral chain is to new and doesn't have a core fan base yet. However, I'm just saying that bayonnetta didn't have a sizable fan base either at the time she got in. Nor was her franchise all that successful (sales wise, cause her games are stellar and bayo2 is near perfection).

Funny thing is too that people would argue back in the day her guns and her mature rated demeanor would be too much for smash. Man how times have changed lol!



@Dev893 I would really like to see more splatoon representation. I liked splatoon and never really got as deep into it as I did smash but Splatoon is just so charming!



@StephanDLW That was what I was thinking as well. But do the licenses Nintendo gets cover ports?

Well excuuuse me princess

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Tracer or Crash Bandicoot. maybe Spyro, Tails, Geno, Scorpion, or maybe Sceptile?



Sora is a Square Enix character, right?

Well, Crono, a Mana rep (Randy), and Geno, probably even Lara Croft, are standing next in the queue.

He's also a Disney character, right?

I hope Sora fans look forward to the Smash Bros game coming out in 2039, where he might be available alongside Goku, Shrek, Han Solo, Spongebob, Wolverine, Bart Simpson, and Mickey Mouse.

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