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I just a played a few races there and I have to say it's even better than I thought it would be. It looks really good and has loads of graphic settings to play around with, it even supports 120fps if you have a TV capable of it. The default Ultra setting with max details and 60fps runs really well from what I've seen, even with other cars on the track.

It has time trials, championship and race mode and online leaderboards for different weather conditions and classes.

As for gameplay, it feels very good, as you'd expect it to be considering the guy who made it. It's fast, really fast and the handling is more similar to a 3D rally sim than a traditional top down racer. It has two camera modes, fixed isometric and chase. The Chase will be good for those who don't nornally take to an isometric view. There's HD Rumble too.

Great game and from what I've played, I'd say it's now the best rally game on Switch. And it costs less than a fiver.

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I echo this recommendation, from the short time I've played it so far, excellent handling and really nice use of the scenario as obstacles and barriers. The online aspect is well implemented too - ghost cars and online leaderboards. I was honestly surprised it cost less than a fiver.

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I enjoy these isometric racers. There's no such thing as too many RC Pro Am clones. This reminds me of Super Pixel Racer or Mantis Burn Racing.

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I’m really liking this so far, even more than rush rally 3 but i’m finding the difficultly levels a bit odd. I can get first place in the rally cross mode on extreme difficultly but on easy in championship mode the cpu times in first place absolutely destroys my time by 7 or 8 seconds.🤔



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