Topic: Rocket League SSN6 appears to end Feb 7th

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According to the recent RL roadmap released by Psyonix, it seems that they are planning to end the current competitive season around or shortky after the 7th, which is a week or so earlier than I expected. Now's the time to grind out your reward level and try to find a partner or two to party up with.

Even if you've never played ranked mode before, don't be discouraged. It will only take a few hours at most to reach bronze level, so it's worth a try. Also, you don't have to take it any more serious than casual modes. I, for one, goof around all the time in competitive, toxic teammates deserve this and worse.

Finally a reminder of how the system works. First you must play 10 unranked matches to set your rank and after that you must earn 12 wins to acquire each sequential reward level. For some crazy reason you do not get any extra credit for wins above your reward level.

Yes, it completely conspires against players (like me) who in good faith go ape in their unranked matches and get placed in Platinum hell. Means you now must win 12 platinum matches just to get your piddly bronze reward, then another for silver, etc...

Anyway, point is the system basically encourages you to tank the unranked matches for the easiest reward grind. That way you can breeze through bronze matches to start.

Eitherway, have fun! (And skip replays whenever possible.)

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