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A core Pokemon game is finally on a Home console for the very first time ever. Pokemon RPG is in development for the Switch. More news on it on later date. Tsunekazu Ishihara from the Pokemon company announces the Pokemon RPG for Switch at 9:24 into the spotlight video.
Did everybody else miss the announcement. Surprised nobody was reporting on it initially.

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@Kuhang Because 1) It was a given they'd develop a Pokemon for Switch at some point. And 2) there's no release date, no footage, nothing to talk about.



@Octane 1) At some point could be 5 years from now, and when that some point happens to be now. Big deal. It's Pokemon. NO ONE expected a core Pokemon game announcement this E3. I doubt you did. And 2) Yeah I loved watching the Metroid Prime 4 gameplay in 4K. In your defence I'll say Atleast they showed a logo. LOL

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Awh, it's ok. Sometimes I just think of @Octane as Captain Saltypants, and it brings a smile to my face. It's his job to provide a negative to every possible positive. Don't hold it against him.



@Kuhang I'm not saying the Metroid reveal was great either. No footage and that game is probably miles away. It won't come out before the Switch Pokemon game, that's for sure.

5 years? Let's be honest. Pokemon is pretty much an annual franchise at this point, so I would've expected a Pokemon game for the Switch either next year or the year after. They're definitely not going to take a break from the franchise. I certainly didn't expect they'd announce it, because the new 3DS games aren't even out and an announcement without a trailer is a pointless announcement anyway. So indeed, I didn't expect them to bother with this at all



@rallydefault C'mon, an announcement without a trailer? That's just pointless. I don't care if Sony's doing it, or Microsoft or Nintendo, or whatever other company. If you don't have anything to show, don't announce it. If that's being salty, then I gladly be Mr. Saltypants for the rest of my life.



Watch it be a Red and Blue Remake, while the next Neo New DS gets the next gen.

Edit: Personally I'm okay with them simply saying its a thing. I understand why people would prefer them just holding off until its shown, but at this point I'm okay with them just saying it happening.

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lol it's all good. We'll just have to disagree, though - I find it very meaningful to confirm something like that. They just secured themselves A LOT of future Switch buyers by making Pokemon and Prime official. Go check the forums <shudder> on the major sites. Look at all the people now (begrudgingly) admitting they'll pick up a Switch at some point due to those confirmations.

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What would everyone like to see in a Pokemon home console game?

For me, it would be to see them offer a non-linear and open world exploration. Imagine if it was like BotW and you could literally go anywhere you wanted and it was up to you to discover Pokemon nests, hidden secrets etc. None of this, follow the path and random number generator/tile stuff. Just walk around and suddenly, boom, you see a wild growlithe off in the distance. Would probably require some sort of algorithm so the game scales to your level, but that shouldn't be too difficult I imagine.



-Green- wrote:

Edit: Personally I'm okay with them simply saying its a thing. I understand why people would prefer them just holding off until its shown, but at this point I'm okay with them just saying it happening.

I'm okay with this. Companies have been confirming games years in advance, so this isn't anything new. Plus, they likely anticipated the reaction that Ultra Sun/Moon received from some of the fan base when it was announced for the 3DS only (Personally, I thought that made sense; BW2 still released on the DS despite the 3DS already being out).

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dtjive wrote:

What would everyone like to see in a Pokemon home console game?

Get everything they did in Sun and Moon and...

Not do it again.



Stop it.

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With all the insanity that the "stars" rumor started, I can see why they at least said something. People were getting angry over rumors (and demanding a port of a 3ds game rather than utilizing the fact that the switch is a hd console and wanting something built from the ground up. I really don't get the port everything from 3ds mentality that has been slowly clinging on to the switch.) and acting like Game Freak denied them a game rather than giving them a new-ish one with ultra Sun/Moon. Personally this is what I wanted a Pokemon built for the switch. It seems like Nintendo is pushing 3ds games to function as stopgaps (ultra, FE Echoes, Metroid Return) while they work on the switch successors (all three franchises have switch successors in the wings). That keeps the 3ds crowd happy and then whets the appetite of both switch and 3ds owners.

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I could see this being long time off, Game Freak have never really done much on home consoles let alone HD gaming and that's a big jump from the 3DS.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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@Tsurii I think that some of the models they used in X&Y and S&M were the same from Colosseum/XD, but maybe with a lower polygon count. And those games re-used models from Pokemon Stadium. Going forward, that means they only have to redo some of the older models, but I think they can reuse a lot of the current Pokemon, add a better texture and higher polygon count and they're good to go.



Honestly, I would just like a classic Pokemon game.

I'm really burned out on the open world stuff coming at gamers from every angle. And honestly, I kind of consider Pokemon pseudo-open-world anyway. But I don't need to run around collecting 50 Rattata tails and 20 Arbok fangs to craft a new Poke Ball pouch, thank you very much.



This was a huge highlight for me ..sure, no gameplay or anything, but a game I've wanted since the late 90's - a mainline Pokémon on a home console - has finally been announced, so I'm thrilled!

I must admit though, when the Spotlight cut to Ishihara-san, who had some 'exciting news' to tell us - and he started talking about 'damn Pokkén again - my heart sank! ..then he's like; "oh, by the way...WE'RE MAKING THE GAME YOU ALWAYS WANTED!" - and my heart nearly exploded!

..the tease should have come with a **MAKE SURE YOU'RE SITTING DOWN** warning!

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@Tsurii Maybe you're right.. Some of the animations looked pretty familiar when I saw them in X&Y. I could be wrong though.

Tsurii wrote:

@rallydefault ...wat? No one was talking about something like that? lol

And main series Pokémon has always been Open-World.

In fact, the games have become progressively more linear with each entry.



I don't think I want the Pokemon formula completely reimagined and becoming some 'open world' thing where you see Pokemon everywhere. I don't think technology is at the point where we can get the level of monster variation that pokemon now has to work with Pokemon roaming around in the world. If Game Freak can prove me wrong and make it work, I'd give them props but I honestly don't see it.

My dream is for the game to look as beautiful as Ni no Kuni 2 is shaping up to be. When the characters are in towns walking around, it looks so beautiful.



This is huge. Even a port would be huge, since the core series has never come to console or been in HD.

If it's a new, original game even better

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Lead Pokemon following the player is a must. Also if this is Gen 8 they will have a hard time trying to justify not to having at least 100 new Pokemon in the game and maybe some more regional variants.

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