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I want to save on video games and one great game that I found on the e-shop was Rocket League. However, I'm still skeptical. Is this a game that will last a while? How many hours do you guys have on it? It looks really fun but I want to know if I'll be playing it for a long time.



Before lock... yes it’s awesome! Playing just rocket league from release date. Go for it!

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Oh God yes. This is my favorite version too. If the concept seems remotely interesting I guarantee the game will surpass expectations! Add me if you want a fellow noob to learn the game with. Also this is one of those games where the tutorials arent optional. They teach you some advanced moves. This is one of those easy to play but hard to master games in the best way! SW-1401-6231-9348



@CobraNorovia Look the game up on Steam. Look at the play time on some of the reviewers profiles.

But none of us know whether it's for you or not.

This could and should have gone in the main Rocket League thread, thanks.

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