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If you took all of the games you own for your Nintendo Switch and could add one thing to make it better, what would it be?



Splatoon 2: to be able to see other people's weapon choices and change load-out while waiting in the lobby.

Mario Kart 8: add a more balanced item distribution.

Breath of the Wild: add big themed dungeons with unique bosses.

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They have fixed the bridge graphics (Terry's third stage) on Garou Mark of the Wolves. So...mine actually happened ^^. (actually, I don't think I have seen this mentioned and have no idea where to mention it!)

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Up to 4 players via local wireless on a single console, supporting a maximum of 12 players

Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker: English

Puyo Puyo Tetris: Japanese audio

Ultra Street Fighter II: Tourney mode for up to 32 or 64 players a la Smash Brawl. Download play. More characters. More areas. A more fleshed out "Way of the Hado" mode with local multiplayer support.

1-2 Switch: Each activity should have been more fleshed out with additional modes, score retention etc.

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Here's what I'd want:

Breath of the Wild: Same as @19Robb92, themed dungeons with new bosses.

Mario Kart 8 DX: Competitive Online Mode with very strategic items. (No auto-aim items like Red or Blue Shells, Lightning or Piranha Plants and the best item available is Triple Mushrooms) Alternates between 150cc and 200cc every few hours and the MKWii/MK7 Out of Bounds mechanics.

Splatoon 2: Ability to change weapons in lobby, better netcode in general.

ARMS: Perfect as it is really, although casual online with 1v1 only would be nice for some. That or more character backstory or development.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: Combo Trial mode, I get that most difficult combos in SF2 are Zero-to-death, but that's what makes the game so fun, so it'd be nice to know.

Fast RMX: Perfect as it is.



@sillygostly Agreed on USF2, more characters over time like ARMS would be great, especially since the two new ones are both Shoto-type characters. The abundance of SF3 characters in the Gallery just makes me want them in the game more, Dudley and Alex especially. Considering the game is quite pricey, it'd be cool if they were free, I'd rather not have another Street Fighter 5 fiasco. (As much as I love that game)



Breath of the Wild: Storytelling that isn't garbage, whether that be environmental storytelling, side quests, or the main story. I would prefer all 3, though, because all of them are lacking, big time.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: The ability to swap between the two items you're currently holding, like in Double Dash. It would add so much more strategy to item usage.

Splatoon 2: The ability to swap out loadouts without having to leave the lobby.

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@BigYellow Yeah, I really thinks ARMS is just about perfect for what it is. Love playing solo, online or with my gamer brat. I don't play it for long, but love it in bursts.

BOTW: definitely a few big dungeons and more story. I like the story myself, but more of it would be good. And hallas with the Yiga Clan already!!

Fast RMX: a great game, has great tracks, but could use a little more pizazz in all areas. A couple of less punishing game modes, galleries, a story? That's kind of what I miss from F-Zero.

Disgaea 5 Complete: never change, my darling. But I would not object if you, too, had galleries and collectable stuff.

SF2 - more female fighters, please. And something to keep my nine-year-old from trouncing me all the time.

MK8D - something to keep the entire online populace fom trouncing me all the time...

BOI:A - the game is good but I can't get into the graphics. I would really get into this with a graphic upgrade. But I don't think it's the designer's fault, just not my favorite asthetic.

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@JasmineDragon I find it funny how USF2 has only two female playable characters but the game's Gallery is full to bursting with tons of them.

It would've been nice if we got someone like Ibuki or Morrigan over Evil Ryu and Mildy Upset Ken, but honestly I don't care who we get as long as they aren't a seventh Shoto.

Knowing Capcom it'll be Shin Evil Violent Depressed Dissapointed Chun-Li though.



@KirbyTheVampire I really liked the story in BOTW, and thought it was done well... lol. Personally would have loved an after game mode once defeating the land of evil be able to finish some side quests and maybe even see Hyrule rebuild a little.

All Zelda games I have this real want for the people of the land just to recognise all the effort Link went through to save them all.... lol I am even considering doing my own fan comic of Link going around Hyrule and people finally acknowledging him and saying thank you! Not too much to ask is it hahahah

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Some of Mario Odyssey is seriously giving heart palpitations.... that plumber is trying to kill me!


@Filth_Element It was okay, it just wasn't something I'm gonna look back on and think about how great it was, lol. It's definitely lacking in the story department compared to past Zelda games like Twilight Princess. I'll remember it for its gameplay and beautiful art style, but not the story or side quests or characters or anything.



@KirbyTheVampire yeah Twighlight Princess was pretty special. ūüĎć Definitely crept way up the personal Zelda chart after finally playing it fully just very recently.

Some of Mario Odyssey is seriously giving heart palpitations.... that plumber is trying to kill me!


Yeeesh, that's a list which would be a huge undertaking, seeing I own all but Just Dance on the physical realm of things. And a handful of digital. But, I can list a few off the top of my head outright.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - A feature to build better weapons from your broken ones (ran out of good swords at the WORST possible time).

Splatoon 2 - This is minor; but allow customizable songs for that dance minigame.

ARMS - Taunts!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Battle Mode featuring monster trucks.

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star - Distances shortened between battle instances.

Ultra Street Fighter 2 - Be Zack & Wiki 2 instead.

Snake Pass - Have a physical version post DLC content and all that.

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MK8: Would be nice if game didn't cheat on 200cc mode lol. You'll be doing great, then with finish line in sight, you get hit with a blue shell, then a red, then a green, then a banana, then a bomb, and you went from 1st to 9th in a matter of seconds. Literally just happened this am in the parking lot before work.... son of a....

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@Old_Goat_Ninja I personally think items in MK8 are too strong as a whole really. Items should be something you should have to use strategically and intelligently to get ahead, not a case of push button to punish the guy in front



@BigYellow Items can be used strategically and intelligently. Throwing a red shell as soon as you get it is not always the best option, especially since the sight of it can deter people from overtaking you. Stars should be saved until you're at risk of being hit or can take an offroad shortcut. Bullet Bills work better if you overtake a few people before use. If you have a mushroom and there's an offroad shortcut after the next set of item boxes, you might want to hold onto it rather than use it in a worse place and risk getting something less helpful. Lightning is best used when the players in front are going over a jump, so they fall down and lose more time.

Putting thought into these things is the key to fully enjoying the game.

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@Zyrac There's some strategy with MK8 items for sure, the issue I have is that you still get a good amount of benefit from just spamming it. That should punish the player, or at least not be that helpful to the user. I still find MKWii has the best skill/item usage balance.



So far, depth. Breath of the Wild and the rest of Nintendo's AAA line up have been very literally shallow games so far with most focusing on a single gameplay concept rather than layering systems in different levels and scenarios along with a sincere narrative effort like crossplatform games can do. That works better for some games than for others, but I'd really rather just have more work go into each individual release.

Some examples would be dual item toggling in Mario Kart, a decent singleplayer in ARMS, not charging $60 for both the Yoshi and Kirby games... Metroid Prime 4 is a great announcement in terms of depth, but we still have no idea who the developer is, when it's coming out, or whether Nintendo will simplify it the way they did Zelda.

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@BigYellow Ehh... MKWii has more frequent lightning and blue shells, plus the existence of Mega Mushrooms and POW Blocks. It doesn't have distance-based item distribution, so you can get the best items without actually being very far behind. And it doesn't have the second item slot, which adds a lot of depth if you ask me.

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MK8 Deluxe - Adding a few more battle arenas would be nice. Preferably some smaller ones, like Wuhu Town or Dragon Palace.

KirbyTheVampire wrote:

The ability to swap between the two items you're currently adding, like in Double Dash. It would add so much more strategy to item usage.

Love this idea, too!

Splatoon 2 - Have a highlight reel to re-watch battles, like in Mario Kart 8. It would be awesome to be able to re-watch matches with overtime comebacks, close results, quadruple kills, etc. Seeing the match from another player's perspective would be cool, as well.

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