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I wanted help with the dock. The dock will not connect to the TV. I always get the "no signal" screen. So yesterday when I was back in my country. The dock was working normally. But after I went overseas, I brought the dock in my handbag to ensure that it will not get damaged. I googled my problem to find if other people were having the same problem. I did find people saying to disconnect everything for 1 minute and then do the same order =
1- unplug everything for 1 minute.
2- plug the power ac to the dock.
3- plug the hdmi in the dock while it is not connected to the TV.
4- connect the hdmi to the TV.
5- dock the switch.
I did do same order, but with no luck. I still get the "no signal" screen.
Last points.
1- the switch will charge on the dock
2- I get the small green light on the side.
3- it connected to hdmi 1( I tried all the hdmi ports).
4- the TV will turn on itself and try to load the screen but it will sit there for 10 seconds, then give me the "no signal" screen.
5- I did press the home button on the right joycon.
6- I'm using third party hdmi. The hdmi does work with my xbox.
7- the TV is Samsung model UA55NU7100.
8- Today 10,July, 2019
I was playing with the power ac (plugging it and unplugging it), one time I plugged it in and it worked for 10 second (showing on the TV screen) but then it go back to "no sginal" screen.
Does that mean my power AC is bad?
Thank you.



Google is no real proof of problem-one can search for problem they want to find. So unless a repair shop can verify the issue using good should be for information purpose not to fix problem that it can't fix. Did you try another dock to see if it works or not. Using not verified HDMI cable is problematic here and plugging in and out why are you doing it this much? One should use the Dock to properly charge it. Also are you using the Nintendo power Adapter? But also you should contact Nintendo as help on here is nothing that a Nintendo Support do more if there is a problem or something they can fix.



@TheGreenLing Helping is good, but make sure it's a recent post. This thread was a year and a half old, and they likely aren't going to respond at this point.

There are plenty of threads on the same issue, and the answer is usually the same. If Nintendo support directions don't solve it with resetting the AC adapter or something else, it likely means there is a hardware failure somewhere. Meaning repair/replacement needed.

Nintendo support

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