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Just wondering when we will be able to redeem our coins for items on the Nintendo Switch. It says coming soon on Nintendo’s website, is there an eta?

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They'll just be 15% discounts anyways, and will start when the online subscription thing starts.

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They'll only come as discounts for digital games like mentioned above. I think it will come in 2020. When people have bought most of the games. Discounts on zelda mariokart 8 splatoon arms and the odd 10-20% discounts on indie games.

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I have 490 Gold points, none of them are expiring till April, but I want to use them for the Switch I rarely play my 3DS anymore.


Lets hope it's not 2020 since 2 years is not "soon"


That sucks



@Rusted_Gold It does indeed. I feel like complaining to Nintendo. I don't mind platinum coins expiring, those are easy earned but gold coins I've earned from spending cash. I don't think Club Nintendo points expired if they did it was a lot longer than 12 months.

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Not gonna lie i'm almost considering buying a 3DS again to use my Gold Coins such a joke. Or maybe give them away via digital content to people on here i think you get a code when you buy something

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It's been coming soon since the Switch launched. Most of us assume they will go live when the paid online service does.

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