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Since someone made a thread, I figured we would talk about it here. Yeah, it's been almost a year since this game happened.

The only "royale" game from Nintendo that I liked...Tetris was...fine, but often I would just die before even 5 seconds. Skill means nothing when everyone targets you right at the start and you don't get a chance to do anything about it. I'm serious, i literally lost a game within the first few seconds., it's...fine? I dunno, I didn't care for it much and would rather just play a normal PAC-MAN game, but the situation is kinda similar to Tetris, although I never died within the first few seconds, so there's that.

Then there's this game...yes things can get chaotic and I've been targeted CONSTANTLY here, but it's different. It felt way more balanced...and every single death I've had felt like it was actually my fault, and not from everyone else going after me. I also like how it's the first Super Mario Bros. game and we're using STRATEGY here, just thought that was funny. But yeah, of course Nintendo had to pull the plug ON THAT ONE, for some stupid reason.

I miss it, I ended up watching a 40-ish minute gameplay video I made myself just because, yeah...I miss that game. They could've expanded on this, too...Lost Levels (maybe SMB2 USA too? I dunno, lol), SMB3, heck I'd take the "New" levels as well. Maybe an offline mode with CPUs, I'd take that...

But nah, let's just pretend this game has never existed instead, because obviously no one cared for this game.

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It was too good to last. : (

Like honestly, it was such a cool take on Mario 1. Mario 1 is so overdone by Nintendo that its obnoxious or boring, depending on my mood. But this is the best thing they did with it since DX on GBC. It changed up the whole game in such dynamic, fun ways that I'd love to see more platformers like it pull off.

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