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Hey all, I want to play games with my son. We each have a console but we keep coming up against an issue in that loads of games only have stripped down local play or none at all. e.g. we both have classic Doom, but can we play deathmatch using 2 Switches? Nope! Arg! If anyone can tell me what games we can play on 2 Switches that would be awesome! Thank you!



Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Payday 2

...and I think maybe Diablo III, but copy is borrowed out so I can't be sure.

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Stardew Valley

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I know Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Maker 2 do. Splatoon 2 has wired LAN multiplayer but I'm not sure about wireless.

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Thanks for the tip - I'll check this out. Ich spreche seine deutsche



payday 2, namco museum pac arcade (pac-man vs), super mario party, pokken tournement,



No personal suggestions since I have the exact opposite problem (long-distance relationship + not playing shooters or PvP) but I'd like to add this site to the bunch:

Lists co-op games by system, unfortunately there's no search filter for system link play (2 Switches, no online) but game lists show co-op types under Features including system link so you can simply go by that.

Here's hoping you'll find something good. Happy gaming, you two!

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