Topic: Is this Nintendo Switch game damaged?

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Sorry for the noob question but I'm picking up a game for my first Switch, and from the seller photo I noticed there are scratchy-looking lines on the contacts. -

Is the game damaged or do they all look like this?



Contacts get scratched because, well they make contact with the pins inside the card reader. It’s normal, it just means it’s been used a lot.

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@Eel You're probably right. I'm just very paranoid when I see stuff like this especially on games that are supposed to be "very good" condition.

The weird part is he proactively sent me that photo saying "it is in good condition" like nothing was wrong. I guess this is normal among Switch games?

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@Sn0wgl0be For some reason, firefox has been blocking images recently, even if I disable everything. In the microsoft edge browser your links appear to be fine. So, forgive me.

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