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Literally, every 2D platformer I see on the Switch Eshop is a Metroidvania, and I find that really annoying.
Does anyone else also have my issue? It's to a point where I look at a review, quickly check if it is a Metroidvania.
IMPO I don't find Metroidvainias that fun.

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I enjoy some metroidvanias but it's definitely not my favourite type of platformer so it would be nice to see more really good precision or puzzle platformers without all the needless exploration.

There haven't been too many platformers I've gotten super into since playing Celeste. It was so good that it's ruined other platformers for me to an extent as nothing is even close to the same level.

Best 2D platformer I've played since was Mo:Astray which came out on the Switch in September. Linear puzzle platformer with an interesting setting, fun mechanics and cool boss fights. Enjoyed it a lot.


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I don't as the Metroidvanias are my favorite platformers.

I love the sense of exploration in a side-scrolling environment.



Ironically, not most of the recent Metroid and Castlevania games though.

Except Samus Returns on the 3DS. Which was great!

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There definitely have been a lot of games in the last few years that use the Metroidvania template, and not all are necessarily better off for it. I can understand that being annoying when looking at new games if they're not to your taste. I have greatly enjoyed some Metroidvanias, but realized the only ones I seem to like are the actual Castlevania and Metroid games, and not all of them as they've had missteps as well. All you can do is find out what a game is trying to do and move on if it's not right for you. I've heard enough complaints about games I've loved because they're not exactly the way someone else wants. It's just the way things are these days with so many games around. There would be complaints no matter what. And I understand why Metroidvanias would be popular for developers to pursue since it's one way to add length to a game, and being able to advertise a certain length has been a thing for a while.



I personally love Metroidvanias, open-world exploration platformers or whatever you want to call them. I love the exploration and the replay value. I like the most well made ones that let the player get creative with all the abilities as they get unlocked. These days, I find myself less interested in an action platformer game if it's straight linear, because that usually means it's short and has little replay value, two things that turn me off of a game purchase these days.

I'm searching for a game that has as much depth and replay value as Salt and Sanctuary does...

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I dunno, I feel I see more soulsborne / roguelites dominating the 2D platformer space.

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I wouldn't call Metroidvanias a type of platformer at all. The platforming isn't really the point, but rather the deep exploration and hunting for upgrades which encourages deep replay value. Castlevania SotN had a lot more in common with action RPGs than it did the Classicvanias imo


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@TheFrenchiestFry Castlevania: Symphony of the Night wasn't even inspired by Metroid, but the Legend of Zelda. Kinda funny. Of course, both series rely heavily on back tracking, but that's from the horse's mouth.

People may call it that way, I call it very derivative and unoriginal design. There are a few gems here and there, but the vast majority consist of generic and forgettable titles. Then again, the vast majority of "indie titles" that flood the eshop are.

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@LatsaSpege yes i agree with you, i only got a switch in febuary, and noticed that too . there trying to cram me with theses games.and what games do you play on twitch?

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I'm with ya on that. Kind of frustrating. I don't mind a metroidvania every now and then, but I prefer just straight-up linear platformers. Trends are a heck of a thing lol



ironically your avatar is Kirby from Superstar, the one that has a Metroidvania game mode

I mean it is a trendy thing but I seem to recall a solid chunk of platformers outside of that genre. Though that might be because probably the 3 2d best platformers on the system are all not Metroidvania (Shovel Knight, Sonic Mania, Celeste).

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Magician wrote:

I dunno, I feel I see more soulsborne / roguelites dominating the 2D platformer space.

Me too. Seems like every other game I look at has 'rogue' of some sort in it's description.



I noticed that too. I liked when franchises would try some metroidvania elements like Kirby & The Amazing Mirror but by now it does feel a bit overplayed.

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I would like to see 2D platformer game like Punky Skunk PS1.
Cute, Colorful and have some special tools to clear the stage.

Developers need to watch this game and stop making another Metroidvania clones.
It become very tedious and boring.

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Metroidvanias are my favourite genre after RPGs - I don’t mind this trend. Hollow Knight is the best 2D game on Switch, IMO - and that includes first-party titles. But I can’t keep up with all of them, and have no intention of doing so. SteamWorld Dig 2 at least does things differently; Axiom Verge has bags of atmosphere. Keep meaning to try Iconoclasts.

But I can’t keep up with the linear 2D platformers, either. There may not be as many, but given how stacked the eShop is, even a smaller proportion still means more games than I can personally find time for.

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I play way too much Smash Bros, and other games and stuff
The best Animal Crossing Villager is Cheri
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