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What are your predictions and hopes for the NX Virtual Console? Do you think that Nintendo will port all the Wii U VC games over to the NX at launch or are you thinking something similar to the Wii U / 3DS VC will occur?

Personally, I'm hoping that Nintendo includes games from all generations, even Wii U and 3DS.

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They need to continue to expand the service to cover more systems. If the NX has the amount of power its rumoured to have AND Nintendo is going out of their way to move Wii U titles across? I think it would make sense for it to include NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii and Wii U. And while they're at it? I think it would be ridiculous if my purchases on the Wii U were not recognised.

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If the NX is going to have good 3rd party support like everyone is saying the hopefully they can bring old 3rd party titles to the VC



I am very dumb when it comes to technology, but wouldn't it be difficult to just "port" the current VC catalogue over to the NX if it has a new infrastructure?


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AlliMeadow wrote:

I am very dumb when it comes to technology, but wouldn't it be difficult to just "port" the current VC catalogue over to the NX if it has a new infrastructure?

In theory they could, if they figure out how to make the Wii or WiiU files work on a different system without having to have a "Wii(U) menu". But Nintendo only would be able to move the games THEY put up themselves, so in other words, anything for example, Konami put up, would be left behind, unless they also ported their games. Why? Because Nintendo does not have the rights to do whatever they want with those games.

But that would already be a step in the right direction if they brought all of their own games over. The WiiU will be missing the sequel games that the Wii got (i.e. Adventures of Lolo 2 and stuff like that) Most of these oddities from the Wii probably be re-forgotten for some time if they aren't uploaded somewhere else. I can already think of a handful of things that will vanish for good or for ages, probably due to lack of interest. But still kinda sucky.

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Online play for all Nintendo generations would be great, now I'm gonna pitch you something and your all gonna go crazy for it, so here it is...

Duck hunt online!

I know right. Amazing

Seriously though things like that will push gaming forward, I mean come on NHL on the NES online would be awesome and here's why..
The games are simple, 1 on 1, no maps, not even options for God's sake, pick a team, and beat the other team. Retro online arcade is a big thing to me. And it's not just NHL I'm talking about, there's hundreds of Retro games that could benefit from getting hooked up, Double Dragon co-op, IK+ (international karate, ask ur dad) 1 on 1, Chase HQ 1 police the other getaway driver, Doctor Mario 1 on 1 puzzler, there's loads.
This is Nintendos secret weapon I think, I couldn't give a f#$k if dark souls 3 isn't on NX as personally I hate all games that are for loners and that involve listening to "realistic" footsteps for hours on end (so annoying).
So if Nintendo get this right, bring some 1 on 1 competition to their back catalogue people will look and say, "I can beat that score", and as soon as they say that, they buy an NX

Job done !

1 up !


My hopes for VC on NX?
Online leader boards for classic retro games! I want my Super Mario Kart times to stand long after I am dead!!!!!!!!
Retro Achievments
More modern features to be included in older games heck if they added extra features (like save states on Wii U)...I wouldn't mind paying another loyalty discount to play em on NX (not full whack!)

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