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I just noticed that all MM games on switch are on sale right now, so it's a good time to try one.
Problem is I don't know which one to pick...

I understand that the Mega Man X games are the easiest, however I'm not sure about that, plus it feels weird not to start with classic mega man.

Any recommendations?



@Strumpf I will say megaman games are rock hard.....


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Just be careful starting with Mega Man 1. It is pretty tough, and you may get frustrated with the entire series. The controls are very stiff and the platforming is unforgiving even among Mega Man standards. Not that I'd know from experience or anything...

<clears throat>

Anyway, I would recommend starting with Mega Man X. It's a way more contemporary game in the platforming and general feel of the character. Yea, you're jumping into the story not at the beginning, but the Mega Man story is not really a magnum opus in the video game world. (I guess technically you'd have to watch all the cartoons and stuff if you wanted the full view of the story, even.)

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Megaman 2 and X are probably the best starting points for the series, I'd say.

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@Strumpf Mega Man 2, for sure. It's one of the funnest and most accessible games in the series. Just go forward from there.

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@Strumpf From the classic series, the original game is definitely not the best place to start. They didn't quite have the blue bomber honed yet. The word rallydefault used fits it perfectly - unforgiving. It's not unplayable by any means though, and personally I like it. Mega Man 2 is a good entry point and introduction to the series, the end areas can be a bit tricky, but by the time you get to them, you should be pretty well good to go for them. It even has an 'easy' mode to start with should you prefer that. 3 and 4 are also good entry points.

Mega Man X are good to go in order starting at 1. Easiest? Ehhhh, maybe starting out, but some of the later entries are tough. The first entry is a very well designed game and doesn't push the difficulty too much. Its a good entry point to Mega Man in general, if you don't mind starting on this series instead of the classic.

Mega Man Zero. No. This is an absolutely excellent series, but it's also known for its difficulty and not a good introduction to the franchise as a whole. If you get through and enjoy the classic and/or X series, then dive into this one after.

The story doesn't matter a whole lot, as @rallydefault said, up until a certain point slightly into the X series when they actually started an attempt at a cohesive one. From a story standpoint, the Zero series has the most and is pretty dependent on knowing some key events/characters from previous games.



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