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Is anyone experiencing problems adding funds or adding card details to the UK/Europe eShop? I have not been able to do either of these things since 7:00 on 12th November. I added some money earlier in the day with no issues then my nephew tried but said hid card details were invalid. I then tried mine and got the same message. Ninty's website said to delete the stored card details and try adding them again but now cannot add them. This happens on both the Switch and the website. I cannot believe that all mine and my nephews cards are invalid all at the same time so must be an issue with the Nintendo payment system.




@Mqblank Did you try paypal?

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@Mqblank If the function is broken/missing on both the website and eshop, they might be doing maintenance. It's just a guess, but that could explain both not working.

You can also ask Nintendo support. If they aren't closed for the night, the chat messenger might be available. There's a phone line too.

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@WoomyNNYes Unfortunately the UK chat closes at 5:30 and I have sent an email to Support so I will have to wait until the morning.




@WoomyNNYes its pretty obvious that it was a joke.
If I was genuinely trying to scam somebody do you think I would post in an open forum where It could be traced back to me - this account is linked to my email account.

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@WoomyNNYes @ChaosBadger777 Thanks everyone. I managed to use Chat and we worked out between us that someone on my family group had his account locked due for security issues but in a weird policy, Nintendo locks everyone in the Family group. So now, we all cannot use credit cardson the Switch for 30 days!

The person with the security issues had his bank account hacked into. They got his details from his PayPal account which further reinforces my reason for not using it.

BTW I did know about the bank details being a joke




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