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vio wrote:

"We can't put out an update that includes folders, backgrounds, private messages(despite owners begging for these features for years now!) or fix the mess that is the eShop, but here's an update that breaks basic functionality of your Switch! Please understand!" I love Nintendo, but I swear...

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@Zeldafan79 Tell me about it. I still can't get over how the Wii U(their biggest failure besides the virtual boy which was more a weird experiment and not a mainline system) got folders, private messages with friends, apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Hell, the eShop was better designed and even had music to enjoy while you browsed. The Switch is a runaway success creeping up on 100 million units sold and the best Nintendo can muster after 4 plus years is a trash bin to dump your games in? SMH.. I just don't get it. Wii U also had it's own social media with the MiiVerse, but I am not going to really cite that as a positive because I hated that thing. It was mostly a wasteland of utter stupidity. I literally felt my brain cells dying every time I read the posts in there. LOL.




Yeah that miiverse what a crock! I saw a guy on there asking for some girls phone number like he wanted to hook up or something. Didn't take long for Nintendo to slap him with the ban hammer.

Miiverse turned into a child stalking perv site pretty quick. It got real creepy. Good riddance!

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@Zeldafan79 I can only assume that Miiverse was used by young children who were not allowed to use Facebook, Twitter etc. I don't know if kids today are really that dumb or I was also that dumb when I was that age and just didn't realize it, but dear lord.. Here's a good example:

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I had two games with the X of Death on them yesterday afternoon, retried the download on both, and both downloaded on first try. It looks like things are working as they should again, for me at least.


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@WoomyNNYes sorry that this is a bit late, but yeah, they just said "We are working on the issues"

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