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Hi everyone,

After weeks of looking online every day several times a day, I've finally been able to order myself a Nintendo switch! They only had the grey available, not the red/blue that I ideally wanted. But I didn't want to hesitate, and they were sold out again within minutes so I'm glad I bought it.

My question is, can I replace the grey controllers with another colour? This probably sounds really dumb hahaha­čśé



@Emwhaa Yeah, any colors. Mix and match to customize. I bought the grey console. Then bought neon red & blue joyocns later.

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@Emwhaa You can mix them but if you do get the R/B they will not be same color coded as the factory unit will be. If you buy the R/B joycon it will be reversed color will be R/B not like the factory set.



You can colour doesn't matter at all. Enjoy your Switch when it gets delivered.


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@Emwhaa Naw dude, perfectly reasonable question about a product you don't yet own. Don't be so hard on yourself!

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@Emwhaa Yes you can! And you can even buy left only or right only if you want. And I am glad for that as I am waiting for a left joycon as I dropped it and its thumbstick no longer functions.

The only problem is that they are way too expensive.



"Can I replace the grey controllers with another colour? "

Yes, you can.
You need Joy Cons shell replacement from Ebay.
Pick color you want, purchase, ask to your local video game repair shop to swap the Grey shell with color you pick.
One of my Joy Cons is White color with 4 colored buttons, bought the shell from Ebay.
But, because i swapped the shell color, it didn't change the color of Joy Cons icon on screen.
Mine is White but still displayed on screen as Neon Red Joy Cons since i swapped my Red Neon Joy Cons with White color.

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@Anti-Matter I've done the same and I've heard there is a way to reprogram the joy con by connecting it to a PC but I haven't done it myself


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