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Anyone playing this? What do you think of it? I've just started and so far I quite like it. I wasn't much of a fan of monster hunter, they say that the games are similar but I like Dauntless way more. It's much more fun playing it with other people than solo, I have a few friends that are more into it than me, check my sig for our discord.

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I played Dauntless for about 80 hours and it became one of my favourite games on Switch. Performance sucks, but the game is good enough for me to accept that. I am currently slaying every behemoth 10 times with their respective armours in order to get mastery level 25 and upgrade my armour to +11.


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@SonOfVon It's a great time, not my favorite game but it captures the monster hunter form in a streamlined fashion. Helps that it's crossplay too!



Played Dauntless last Friday. My friend has an Xbox One, so I'm thankful that this is a co-op game with crossplay and we could play together. The performance could be better in the hub area (that part before entering a hunt with the shops and the daily rings), otherwise I have no problem with the main game itself. I quite like this game.



I've been pretty happy running with my tank/support build. Give it it a try.

Skarn Helm w/+3 Iceborne Cell
Nayzaga Chest w/+3 Tough Cell
Embermane Arm w/+3 Weighted Strikes
Boreus Legs w/+3 Weighted Strikes

+6 Icebourne
+6 Tough
+6 Medic
+6 Weighted Strikes
+3 Fireproof

Just a super-casual support build. The combination of icebourne + tough synergize well, making you a tank. A topped off medic perk makes you the ultimate team player by reducing the time to pickup downed teammates. While weighted strikes add additional knockdown capability for chain blades, swords, and repeaters. And if heroic-tiered fire gives you grief (as it does for me) you can insert a +3 fireproof cell into an ice weapon that has a defensive slot for total fire immunity.


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