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Honestly the more I think about this game the more confused I am. Of all the indie games on switch that could've used a cross over. This is the last game I'd consider for a zelda crossover. Not saying it doesn't deserve it but it's completely out of left field. Maybe that's good though. I'm just still trying to understand.



AFAIK the developer had been wanting to make a sort of Zelda DLC for Crypt of the Necrodancer for the Switch version, Nintendo approved and then decided it should be its own game. Something like that is what I heard anyway. Which is surprising after Yacht Club games failed to get a Nintendo cameo after Sony and Microsoft lent them a cameo for those versions of Shovel Knight but then Shovel Knight was in Smash Bros so...yeah. Nintendo's kinda odd.

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Crypt of the NecroDancer is one of the very few games I downloaded for Switch. Weird coincidence.

But I'm always playing with the one character that can skip the beats, because the gameplay is faster and easier then. It's a randomly generated game, so there was not much use for the other characters.

But the Hyrule version is not randomly generated. A well-designed Hyrule has potential to bring me back to the rhythmic characters that Link and Zelda seem to be, because now we can have cool puzzles.

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@SKTTR Where did you hear that it won't be randomly generated?


@Dogorilla: I see that in the trailer. At least it seems that Hyrule (the overworld) is not randomly generated. Maybe the dungeons are.

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@SKTTR ah ok, it would be good to see some Zelda-style puzzles in it so I hope you're right.


"you’ll explore the randomly generated overworld and dungeons on a quest to save Hyrule"

Quoted directly from the Nintendo website.

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they seem to have a redesigned procedural level generator or pretty large set pieces for the overworld then.

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unpopular opinion:
rouge-like games don't need unfair/masochistic levels of difficulty to be good.

I found Necrodancer pretty much unplayable due to the difficulty.
which is sad because I LOVE the concept.
I hope Hyrule bucks that trend, and provides difficulty options.

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@Charlie_Girl Having 'stopped playing' Necrodancer recently, I agree that the game's difficulty is horribly balanced. Besides having to beat two frustrating bosses at the end of the fourth area, which is already crazy difficult, there's also a story character who dies if you miss a beat!

No thanks.

With that said, I only paid $3 for it, so it wasn't a huge waste of money or anything.

I'll definitely be waiting on user impressions for Cadence of Hyrule, though.

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So, what are the chances it will drop this or next thursday?



At this point I can see them waiting til e3



Interesting thing I just noticed. If you go to the game store on Nintendo's website and sort the Coming Soon games by release date, Cadence of Hyrule gets sorted smack in the middle of a bunch of games releasing on May 30, despite it not having any listed release date itself. This is definitely not definitive proof of anything, but maybe something to keep an eye on.



I'm going to rush thru resident evil and castlevania to have an open slate for this game. Can't wait



Seeing how well Hollow Knight and Fortnite did last year being available after the direct, I can’t see any way Cadence of Hyrule doesn’t follow the same release plan.

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I'm actually really keen to listen to the music of the game, the remixed beat rhythm of Zelda tunes sounds great to me.

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This game is being shown on Treehouse right now. I thought it would just be more roguelike dungeons like the first game but it looks like it's gonna be a lot more open, with villages and NPCs in the overworld. They also said it's going to be much more approachable than the original, which is a good thing imo.


Just played it for half an hour or so. It's DEFINITELY open, which I'm really happy about. It's not just a series of randomly generated dungeon rooms like I thought it was going to be (I've watched the original Necrodancer on speed runs and stuff). Again, only about 30 minute spent with it so far, but I've been to Kakariko Village, walked into a few houses, did a bow+arrow minigame, etc.

The overworld feels a heck of a lot like Link to the Past. Visuals and general layout give that feel.

I'm new to this game, though, never played the original, so I need a lot of practice haha But Zelda is my favorite franchise of all time, so this was an instant purchase. It may be that I've pretty much seen most of the overworld and it's nothing to write home about, but it's still way more than I was expecting. I was expecting just a screen with options and a "Go!" button basically lol



To those who've played it, which i haven't yet, does it feel like a zelda game? Or something completely different with zelda skins



Game just came out, but it'll be a bit before I get to it. I'll stick to the Switch version of Crypt of the Necrodancer for now, but you bet I'm excited to swing my master sword to the beat in Hyrule!

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