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With the news that Sony are closing some of their online stores, I've been thinking about what are the best Switch games and which I would like to own physically in years to come. I want to have a collection of future classics and fun games. This could be a system I don't sell off in the future.

Anyway, to help me decide what games to add to my collection, I thought i'd start with Metacritic, this is top 25 games:-

1 Breath of the Wild
2 Mario Odyssey
3 Divinity: Original Sin 2
4 Hades
5 Undertale
6 Ori and the Will of the Wisp
7 Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
8 Celeste
9 Bayonetta 2
10 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
11 Inside
12 Dragon Quest XI S
13 Sonic Mania Plus
14 Steamworld Heist
15 Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
16 Animal Crossing: New Horizons
17 Ori and the Blind Forest
18 Bastion
19 Hollow Knight
20 Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2
21 Xenoblade Chronicles
22 Dead Cells
23 Into the Breach
24 Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury
25 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

There are games on this list I don't have any interest in (Bayonetta) but I want opinions on if this represents the best games for the system? A big part of this is obviously subjective but I want a list of games to keep an eye out for, rather than just looking at the 1st party and major releases.

For the collectors out there, how do you decide which games to buy physically?

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@MarioBrickLayer I'm surprised the SteamWorld Digs aren't there but Heist is and there's a few top tier ports like Dragonball Fighter Z missing and some Ninty classics like Splatoon 2.

In anycase buy what you want to play, there's lots of acclaimed games I don't like so it's just a waste if I did get them.

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I don't really care with Metacritics said.
The games that Metacritics said was great but it was otherwise for me, like BOTW case.
I felt i bought a wrong game as i didn't even get into the game since from the beginning part. I didn't even feel something that called good, just being clueless and frustrated. One game might be not for everyone.

For my physical collection, i will pick any games that really suitable with my strict criterias, must be free from rated 18+, casual games are very welcome even they are not really good by overall but still have potential. The games i choose are mostly very opposite with mainstream gamers.
Just release the game in physical and i will buy them regardless of what Metacritics said.

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They seem like a good Springboard at least for ones that you might be interested in. One other option if you are a particular fan of a specific genre would be to look at a few YouTube videos that compile top games in genres such as action RPG, beatemups etc.
I know that Channels such as SwitchUp occasionally do videos like this and I've come across some really great games this way that I might have otherwise missed



@MarioBrickLayer It's no surprise for me that I own ten of the games on this list. I don't always check Metacritic for game reviews, if anything I check it after I've beaten the game... It speaks personally to me because it shows my taste in games calls for high quality. I don't like mediocre games.

The lowest rated game I've profusely enjoyed is Gran Turismo: Sport, which has a rating under 80...

Xenoblade Novel

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I recommend Bayonetta


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Honestly, I'd just go with your heart. Buy the games you know that you would enjoy, and rebuy the games that you currently own that are your favorite.

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@MarioBrickLayer It seems like a decent list. Obviously, you can sort game reviews at different sources to see their top games.

Mario+Rabbids is great, and possibly a must-have, but not on that list.

Crash Team Racing is also great. But this may require 1-2 hours getting to know the drift-boost system, and a few more hours playing on easy to get proficient, if you're not familiar. That's what I did. I'm so glad I have this game a chance.

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Where is Celeste? It is really weird that is not on the list



Personally, I put more stock in Opencritic's list.

But it isn't much different from Metacritic's.

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baller98 wrote:

Where is Celeste? It is really weird that is not on the list

That's my fault, in a rush I copied the list incorrectly. There were four games missing from the original post:-

1. Celeste
2. Inside
3. Bastion
4. Into the Breach

I have updated it.




I think Steamworld Heist, Bastion and Sonic Mania are good games but not top 25 material. I'd swap them for Ys VIII, Samurai Shodown and Return of the Obra Dinn



I love that this list includes the likes of Into the Breach and SteamWorld Heist, which could so easily get lost in the weeds, otherwise.

Inside and Undertale wouldn’t make my top 25, but they’re definitely worth playing.

As for games notable by their absence, Splatoon 2 is by far the most obvious, but I’d also throw in Astral Chain as an alternative to the Bayonetta collection. The Witcher III is absolutely one of the best 25 games on Switch too - but the Switch is perhaps not the best platform to play it on.

What is really impressive is that there are dozens of games outside the top 25 that, while I won’t argue they should be higher, are definitely still well worth playing, such as Octopath Traveler, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Child of Light, Link’s Awakening, Dark Souls, Paper Mario, Cosmic Star Heroine, Baba Is You, Toki Tori 2+...

Note to self: Must play Divinity: Original Sin 2 - I bought the physical edition, but still not booted it up!

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@MarioBrickLayer I wouldn't say it represents THE best on the system, but it's certainly a good starting point generally.

There are only two games on that list that I don't have yet (although of the 23 that I do have, they're not all the Switch version). The two I don't have yet are Hades (which I'll be getting the physical of soon) and Divinity: Original Sin 2 (which I would have if it had seen a general physical release, but I won't pay over £10 digitally).

Personally I don't think Sonic Mania and Bastion should be as high as they are, but they can both be had cheaply digitally so I'm not gonna lose much sleep over their placing.

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A game you won't see on a top 25 list but absolutely have to play is Deadly Premonition.

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That seems like an incredibly solid list. Though I am confused on why anyone would review only Bayonetta 2 instead of 1 + 2.

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Well first of all what kind of games do you like? So what kinds of games do you like? I personally don't really like many of these but that's just my opinion.



There is, of course, a difference between "best games" and "best reviewed games".

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If you look at most games in Metacritic, almost every titel has a variation in their score about 4 points. It indicates that you have to read the reviews of every game you are interested in, and Judge it by your own preferences. A games score can't be the objektive thruth for every gamer in the World.

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Metacritic is a great gauge of public/critical perception at the time of release. Doesn’t mean you’ll like the game though. My favourite franchise is Zelda. I don’t rate Breath of the Wild that highly, in fact it could well be my least favourite Zelda. Plenty of other people rate it highly, that’s why it’s top. Fair play.

Out of those top-25 I have only played Ori and the Blind Forest (10/10 for me), Animal Crossing (don’t know how to rate it, not my style of game. Probably a 7/10 although I shouldn’t really rate a game that I’ve not played that much. Mrs loves it though), Hollow Knight (9/10). Not long had a Switch, need to get playing some more games.

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