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this problem started with my 3ds only connecting at certain times on certain days, I tried re-connetting the settings when it would normally not connect, I tired like everything, which left me with resetting my system. Before i wanted to do that, i tried getting a new password doe my nintendo network id so i could change to something i could remember, and i never received the new one, then i had my dad check his email encase it was set up with his, he didn't get it either. Then i just decided to reset it, but i still have all of the same internet issues, and this time, i lost $25 worth of downloaded content and over 200 hrs of fantasy life. This internet issue has caused me nothing but grief, i basically lost 5 years worth of gaming on it. And it's not a problem with the router, i tried with several different ones and its get through to it but doesn't connect to the internet at certain times. Is there a way to fix it and perhaps get my payed for stuff back or is there just no hope for my 3ds?

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@IcySkullSmasher Well if you wiped your system then the only way to get back your stuff is to contact Nintendo. Since the 3DS doesn't have a good account system, the purchases are tied to the system and when you wiped the system you lose the games. If you purchased the games with a credit card you might be able to get that credit back if you have the credit card statement. First thing first though contact Nintendo and tell them what happened.

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