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I've recently received back my Switch from the big N's customer support service (2nd time) & attempting to fire up BOTW for a quick session am being told 'This user cannot play this software. If you have not purchased the software, you can do so From Nintendo eShop' the same for Mario vs Rabbids and Rayman Legends is going on!

What am I supposed to do know?

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@Miseryguts my best advise would be to contact Nintendo.

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Seems it was my own stupid fault!

According to the operator(s) on Nintendo customer support the mentioned three games mentioned were purchased on a different account, that I'd forgotten about (& can't remember the details of) that I've since deleted and there is no way of linking my new account with the games in order to re-download even though it would have been the exactly the same CC details used to purchase those three as all the others I'm currently re-downloading.
What I don't understand though, why I can re-downloading Mario vs Rabbids KB from my new account & be told 'You must have the software in order to play' when I go to launch but NOT re-download BOTW or Rayman as they are not on the re-download list?

I don't really know if it's my fault, but I do know that I'll not be purchasing from eShop again. I'll be terrified every game will not start up again after I turn off after this event, besides there's not a chance I can afford to replace those three games.. C'est la vie, not much I can do I guess.

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