Topic: Will Mario Sports Superstars have multiple maps?

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I've looked at every bit of proof possible, all trailers, all I see are the basic maps for all 5 sports in this game, where are the wacky different maps? Anyone find any info on this, and what are your thoughts on it?



Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there is going to be any of the Mario themed courses in this game which is a shame because I'm pretty sure they could just take courses from Mario Tennis Open and Mario Golf: World Tour and put them in this game.
Also from what I can tell we aren't going to get any Mario themed in courses in the final game because they most likely didn't want to spend any more time by adding more detailed Mario courses.

I mean there are five sports, 18 captains, 35+ supporting characters, online/local multiplayer, single player tournament, training mode, "Road to Superstar" mode, "Collection" and a Amiibo mini-game? so maybe they thought that was enough with content.

Currently I'm just wondering who these two secret characters could be.

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