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@TheTetrisGuy Holy balls, I completely forgot about Metal Gear. Not only from a gameplay standpoint, but from a narrative standpoint too. In the context of the series, the Outer Heaven Uprising is an important event that has a ton of relevance to a lot of things, like Snake and Gray Fox's interactions that barely amount to anything in the original story, and and Big Boss/Venom Snake's motivations aren't fleshed out in the game (though that makes sense because Metal Gear didn't expand until Metal Gear 2).

The bosses are also lame. Shotmaker? Machinegun Kid? Yeah, Metal Gear didn't get good bosses until Metal Gear 2.

Metal Gear 1 and 2 (less so, but still) absolutely need remakes in this day and age. Too bad Konami are being complete idiots. I'd throw in more choice words but I don't like getting banned.

Anyways, for my picks? Well, a year ago I would have said Metroid II, but lo and behold we got Samus Returns, which is absolutely beautiful. I'd also want a Mother 1 remake, but that's never gonna happen. Same for Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, which are both games that were products of their time that could do a lot more polish.

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@ThanosReXXX those "4th wall scary (?) effects" were the only downside of the game even back then. They even fooled me a couple of time but did not scare me, they just made me mad because I thought something was wrong with the game or the console. What's the fun about that? Getting angry because you think your game or your console is broken? It was a stupid idea in my opinion.
Other scares were good, honestly getting scared is not the reason why I like Eternal darkness (and believe me I love it!) but they were coherent with the game and its setting and so they worked well in it - and honestly Eternal darkness is the only horror game that never scared me so I don't mind when it tries to. I don't like to be scared, it does not scare me, it is just like the perfect horror game for my taste
Things like the bath tub scene, or the hanged man, or when your character suddenly began to get smaller... all those were cool and a great fit for the game. But the "4th wall" ones were just bad taste and immersion breaking imho. They shouldn't modernize them, they should get rid of them and replace with more "immersion-friendly" scares.

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I think the most recent gameplay twist involving your console's physical form was closing the DS screen in Phantom Hourglass (motion controls aren't a twist, even if you literally twist). The problem with bringing those kinds of moments back is that game media will inevitably spoil them, wireless controllers have eroded the concept of 1st and 2nd player slots, and consoles now have 9 billion system settings so finding the console clock isn't an intuitive puzzle so much as it is a spreadsheet.

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@LuckyLand Oh, don't get me wrong: I didn't think they were scary either. In fact, the intro trailer was probably more unsettling than anything I've seen or experienced in the game itself, but the game taking control away from you at certain crucial moments by whatever means was both frustrating and mind blowing to me, in a good way. No game before it had ever done anything like that, and simple things like the game going silent and having you thinking that you're TV was going crazy was something else back then.

Other tricks like the controllers losing their connection and save games apparently being erased, again: both infuriating and mind blowing at the same time. And you were actually quite pleased when ultimately it all turned out to be fake and just a part of the mind of your character in the game itself going haywire.

But I can understand that this kind of thing isn't for everybody, and the game itself, although now a cult classic, definitely got mixed reviews and even back then, not everybody understood what was so great or cool about its gimmicks, so if you'd rather have a game like this but with less 4th wall stuff, then fair enough.

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Need is certainly relative in this case - largely a matter of opinion. There is also a difference between an updated port, a remaster and a remake. In the case of Luigi's mansion on the 3DS, that is more updated port, then we have remasters like the Zelda HD titles on Wii U, remakes are something like Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green or Fire Emblem Echos.

There are a lot of GBA and Gamecube and PS2 era games I would like to see ported to modern devices or even given the HD treatment - too many to list here. The reason I want that era is because playing the originals on original hardware is difficult to do well with modern equipment. Most older consoles look pretty bad plugged into recent TVs and even the GBA SP looks pretty ugly these days. Enough that I am considering modding those systems to have HDMI out or better screens.

Most older games now, from the NES/SNES/Mega Drive era have already been ported left and right to all manner of platforms(pretty much everything but Switch, annoyingly) so there is less need.

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I'm suprised Capcom hasn't made 300 different versions of Street Fighter 1.
Tbh, it would be nice to play the game with better controls and the ability to choose the other charecters.




They did I think.

My vote is for Solar Jetman, Fortune Street, Time splitters,Metroid Pinball, Big Sky Troopers and Baten Kaitos.

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Well given that we know RE2 is coming, I'll say I hope they've done that with an over-the-shoulder 3rd person camera like RE4-RE6.
I much prefer that camera position. And Revelations 1&2 showed that you can still make good horror games with that perspective.

Then something that wasn't really flawed at all but really would benefit from a visual upgrade is Mario Sunshine. Those graphics look a bit rough today.

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Earthbound would be on my list and Super Mario RPG!


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Space Station: Silicon Valley - A remake of this game would be very cool, imo.

Paper Mario - One can dream that an HD remaster of the original could serve as a reboot of the series proper...

Wario Land 3 - The original is pretty perfect, but imagine it reimagined as a sort of 3D open world style game.

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Original Shantae. The game is pretty frustrating and later installments improve on the formula a lot. So applying it retroactively to the first one would be nice.




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