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Their is nothing wrong with simple waggle and pointer controls in some games like Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and Pikmin. I don't like full on swing-your-body-like-an-idiot motion controls which distract from the core gameplay like the majority of Kinect, Move and Wii games, but I do get a level of satisfaction from doing stuff like flicking the WiiMote slightly to do a wheelie or a trick in Mario Kart Wii (with Nunchuck controls), or pointing and waving at the screen to collect a bunch of star-bits.

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I also found Starfox Adventures quite enjoyable.

As someone else stated, the English dubs were great.

Also, I think Kid Icarus Uprising had PERFECT controls.

I enjoyed Ice Climbers.



Star Fox on the SNES is a terrible game that just streched the snes to a limit it just couldn't properly handle. Same as Stunt Racer and to a extent Street Fighter Alpha 2

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Pokemon X and Y was disappointing(in term of story, mythology & background stuff)

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-Pokemon Black and White sucked and almost turned me off the series entirely
-I'm not crazy about top down Zelda
-I think Xbox sounds like a porn site or something
-I don't like Xbox, but I just can't think of a reason why I feel that way
-I hate online multiplayer and split screen is superior
-Open worlds are not necessary
-There's nothing wrong with having a linear game every now and again
-I don't mind quick time events as long as they're justified
-I hate the New Super Mario Bros. games and I think they're a waste of resources
-Grand Theft Auto isn't for me
-PS4/XB1 aren't special and I'm incredibly apathetic towards them
-Prequels shouldn't even be a thing



Bioshock Infinite sucked.

Edit: Also Metroid: Other M was great. If you want good story and character development, read a book. These are games. Meant to be played.

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FE Shadow Dragon is one of the best of the localized FEs.

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Lan wrote:

Bioshock Infinite sucked.

This. This, this, this.

I also disliked:

Everything made by Naughty Dog
Batman Arkham City
Ratchet and Clank
Rayman Origins
Red Dead Redemption
Grand Theft Auto (any that is all)
Killzone series

In other words, I dislike most games.

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Miss_Dark wrote:

twilight princess is one if not the best 3d zelda game ever made

for some reason people think it wasn't such a great game, yeah sure it was too easy but the storyline, the cut scenes, the music, the sidekick, I thought it was absolutely stunning

I will say that I enjoyed a first playthrough of Twilight princess more than any other 3D Zelda first playthrough. So while it didn't remain on the top of my list beyond that, it's still a treasured honor to bestow on the game.


  • Chrono Cross was just as good as Chrono Trigger.
  • Tetsuya Nomura is a bad director, a terrible character designer, and an awful writer.
  • The Wii is better than the Gamecube in every way.
  • Super Mario 64 was rather boring.
  • The World Is Not Enough for N64 was better than Goldeneye.

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I don't think open world games are necessarily better than linear games. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my fair share of open world games, but they aren't better than linear games by default. For some reason, it just gets somewhat on my nerves when a series with previously linear game design is made to be open world, and it's automatically assumed (by the gaming media) that it's a huge step forward. How do you know going open world won't result in an inferior experience?

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  • I think Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games in the series
  • I like Nintendo's stance of video games that inspires the Wii and Wii U
  • I hope OUYA can compete with the big 3 (though it's a long shot)

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Megaman is mediocre more often than not.

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Twilight Princess is the best Zelda game.
Final Fantasy 13 is a good game.
I cannot, for the life of me, enjoy the Uncharted series. I just don't care about the characters at all, which is a problem in a game full of cinematic storytelling. It's also why I was able to like the Last of Us, since I did like the characters there.
I like Michael Pachter.

Best thread ever
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Over the last couple of years, i've been convinced and now i believe that DRM ultimately harms the legit customer more than the "you know whos" Sim City, Spore, etc

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You know what? Left 4 Dead is overrated, too. Once again, it isn't Valve's fault at all, but the community for hyping this game up soooo much. In fact, I think it's a good game, but everyone made this game out to be the next Half-Life or something. Remember. I love Valve as a company.
I think the first Mega Man was horrible.
I thought Super Mario 3D Land was overrated, too.
I can't get into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and constantly wonder how people can get so far into the game.

@DiscoDriver43 True. I know for a fact that DRM sucks.

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TopLaytonsHat wrote:

DashChargedShot wrote:

Bird Mania sucks, worst $2 I've ever spent.

Yes! If anything it taught me I have no interest in endless runners lol

While I'm at it, I also think that Mighty Switch Force is overrated and for some reason stresses me out every time I play

Damo's 9/10 for Mighty Switch Force really annoyed me. It convinced me to buy it and it took me about an hour to finish the whole thing.

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DiscoDriver43 wrote:

Over the last couple of years, i've been convinced and now i believe that DRM ultimately harms the legit customer more than the "you know whos" Sim City, Spore, etc

That's not an unpopular gaming opinion. That kind of DRM protects the publisher, not the consumer. And even there, it does a pretty darn crappy job of protecting the publisher, because the ne'er do well versions of Sim City and Spore were more stable than the legitimate versions.

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