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@MarioLover92 There was a similar design in the 90's on a black shirt. It had Sonic sticking out of the ring pointing, only difference is it used the American art style, while this one used the Japanese one. Also, it said "the Hedgehog" at the bottom of it, while this one doesn't.

Thanks, yeah, Trolls stuff is getting harder to find as Trolls World Tour is old. So I treated myself to a few things. I have a feeling Trolls merch will be back when Trolls 3 comes out. For now, the only new stuff are a few Trolls shirts on Amazon, an ornament (already got it), and some fruit snacks, that's it. There is a Trolls holiday book coming out this fall though, I can look forward to that.

If they remake Pac-Man World 2, I'd be all over that. That was the second GameCube game I bought, surprisingly from a Blockbuster store (funnily enough, I live around the corner from where they use to be now). Cool, I have a big Mario plush somewhere. Right now, my favorite is my Poppy pillow pet. I also got a cool Tails plush a friend gave me that I took to the Sonic 2 movie, he's pretty big compared to the smaller ones. Plushies are awesome!

@Kermit1 That's really cute!

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@Anti-Matter I placed you on ignore because you tagged me in a random post that didn't make any sense in the context of the topic, so I thought you were spamming. I then blocked you earlier by accident when I was fiddling around with my ignore list. I don't think I did anything wrong to be called out on. I'm sorry you didn't like me, but I didn't like being tagged for nonsensical posts either.

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Well, the physical release of Youtubers Life 2 is already out. 😊
You can find the game on your local game stores.
In my place, only Switch version is available so I got the PS4 version from play-asia.
Btw, can you guess what is this thing from Youtubers Life 2 ?

In the game, it called Mantendo Zii. 🤭



@Anti-Matter a Mantendo Mee?? with Mee Sports Resort??

(I'm sorry, I had to make that pun)

I might get this game if I can find it while on vacation.

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I love it when Chrome randomly graphically breaks (yes I'm revealing to the world what I watch)

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There are a lot of parody name of well known games in Youtubers Life 2 such as Super Mariah (Super Mario), Animal Camping (Animal Crossing), Flute of Time (Ocarina of Time), Urban Fighter (Street Fighter), Geocraft (Minecraft), Pukimon (Pokemon), etc.
Also, there are parody names of other two consoles in the game.
Can you guess what is Honey PlayStudios One and Nicosoft Zbox Live from Youtubers Life 2 in real life ?

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Honey PlayStudios One = Sony PlayStation with PS3 machine model
Nicosoft Xbox Live = Microsoft XBOX with XBOX 360 machine model.
Oh, there was another console parody in Youtubers Life 2 (XBOX ONE parody, I forgot the name) as I got notification from InstaLife in the game.



Link-Hero wrote:

Forget the boots, those booty shorts of his.

boot shorts, booty shorts, shorts for boots, boots for sorts. short boots

Tyranexx wrote:

@ogo79 Now THAT guy knows how to show off his boots! Baggle included.

im studying his moves...

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


@Sunsy Ohhh, gotcha. Mine did have "Sonic" on top, and "the Hedgehog" on the bottom, though I'm pretty sure it used the Japanese character design for Sonic. I think I originally got it sometime in the early 2010s.

No problem, and gotcha, that sounds reasonable they'd come back at that time. I'd totally be all over for a PMW2 remake as well. It was a solid 3D platformer on its own, and I loved how you could unlock those arcade games as well. I saw your Poppy pillow pet photo from earlier, looks really nice. Your Tails plush sounds cool too. Yeah, plushies are indeed awesome.

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@Fizza Did I block you on here? I just had a mini heart attack when I thought I hit ignore when I wanted to hit the reply button.

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@MarioLover92 It's certainly worth it to make it to BotW's end credits just to watch the onscreen action...and see if you recognize any names. XD

On the MK8D DLC: I think I'll wait to see what other tracks are revealed. Though if I eventually cave for the NSO expansion, I suppose it won't matter lol. I don't know offhand what Coconut Mall and Shroom Ridge look like, but they sound tasty!

@TheJGG That should be interesting then; I've only played the PC/Steam variant of DDLC lol. I do indeed like that track you linked via YT. It's melancholic, chill, and...relaxing, in a way?

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Well, this is Kermit1 signing off and unplugging his PC. See ya'll tomorrow with bad wifi.

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I have different opinion about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC.
To see the way of Nintendo treating the DLC with incomplete tracks at the moment, it was like keep distracting us to think about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe again and I personally don't like this business strategy as I think my time for playing other games or finishing my backlogs are more important than waiting for uncertain time of getting the new tracks after several months.
It was not something interesting to wait.
I still have interest with the game but this treatment was really unnecessary and didn't make me get more hyped with the game.
Just drop all the new tracks for $25 then you can decide to buy the DLC or not.

Usually I keep defending Nintendo Switch on earlier years but on this year, I started to have second thought about some things happened on Nintendo Switch recently. The live service update, code in box treatments, partial download games are my biggest issue from Nintendo Switch.
And that was the reason I pick the PS4 / PS5 version of 3rd party multi console games than Switch version as I found some obvious downgrades from Switch version and it made me thinking about getting the PlayStation version for better performance.

Btw, I still keep playing Youtubers Life 2 on PS4 and it was interesting to see some Youtubers NPC in the game was based on actual Youtubers such as PewDieDie, LaurenZside, Crainer, etc as they are the part of storyline of Youtubers Life 2. It was interesting to see the huge difference from the first game with more different roles than the second game. The second games has gameplay similar as Harvest Moon games.
If you patient enough with Harvest Moon style games then Youtubers Life 2 is the game for you.



@Kermit1 Sorry, who's talking? Don't see anyone.
Don't worry, I'm just messing with you, you're more than grand! Trust me: I would be able to immediately notice if I couldn't see you

Currently MIA for exams; see you all in a bit! o7
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@Eel I was just in a car accident. Both our passenger side tires are completely gone. We hit a 4x4 piece of wood in the middle of the road. We were on a "bridge" right next to the highway and had to pull over with only a sliver of shoulder space so every car and truck felt like a brick going by.

Me my Mom and my brother are home now (again) are trip is postponed until my Dad gets back with the car later today. Also we got picked up by my uncle nd had to cram into his car and he drove us home, him and my Dad are at the autoshop now. I now know what it's like to get the wind knocked out of me for a split second.

I was on the side of the car that got hit. I'm fine. Thank God.

I was watching Seinfeld and I will forever see this image when I think of the crash.

I pray that no other damage is done to the car, we've spent enough money as it is and exchange rate and etc. have not been too fair.

Where I live there are 0 rental cars so that's not even on the books.

this will be a setback. at least I'm alive.

edit the next time I talk to you all I will hopefully be in a hotel in Halifax. I'm going to unplug my PC again.

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