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@ThanosReXXX "Saying something negative is quick, mindless, and anyone can do it."

While this is true you don't believe that all negative comments are mindless and NOT constructive right?

It is very easy to point out flaws but if you are a die hard fan of something it is also very easy to point out positives. Does that mean that the fan of something that only says positive things is mindless because he is not able to see the negatives?

I think we can assume that the 50/50 rule or 60/40 is more appropriate in regards of constructive criticism. The bias will always be present in ALL kind of opinions.

But I agree that opinions of this kind "This suxxxx because it is idiotic and pathetic!" are mindless indeed.



@Zuljaras Of course, but I don't consider that as something truly positive. Blind support of any side is stupid.

But the rest stands: true positivity takes rational thought, and being able to support that thought with sound reasoning. The opposite of that would be constructive criticism, which can also have its benefits, but the downright insane negativity found online sometimes, or rather: more and more, doesn't even come remotely close to being constructive and/or sound criticism. Nine out of ten times, it's either just "because my opinion is fact" or "this company hurt my feelings because they didn't listen to what I want". Me, me, me and all that...

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@ThanosReXXX I agree. But that line is so hard to be seen outside of the obvious trolling ofc.

The best situation I have seen was:
"1. I know that my point is correct.
2. And I know that My point is correct.

  1. You are free to think what you want, take care.
  2. You too!"
    However most of them are you are "toxic", "why even post if you don't like it", "omg haters" etc.
    And this is not only here, But I must admit that NL forums are mostly civil.



@Zuljaras Well, even in that second example, you don't even know if that is well-meant or negative, or you can probably expect it, depending on the person it's coming from...

'The console wars are like boobs. Sony and Microsoft fight over which ones look the nicest and Nintendo's are the most fun to play with.'

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@Tyranexx I can't help but agree, I've been avoiding most Pokemon articles because of how some fans have gotten over Sword and Shield. Personally, I tend to be more optimistic and positive with games, and I'm more of a casual Pokemon fan. I don't have the time to play the games as much as I use to, but will still enjoy them when I do play them. Also, outside my brother, I don't know anyone who actually caught 'em all.

I do plan to play the new Pokemon game, though much later on as I have other games that interest me more at the moment, the new Mario & Sonic Olympics and New Super Lucky's Tale. I want to play the latter more since I love Super Lucky's Tale on PC, and I was playing it for PC last night.

@Woomy_NNYes This actually does appeal to me a bit, I actually watched the 2017 solar eclipse using a cereal box pinhole projector as a safe way to watch it. Given how small Mercury is, I doubt that will work, so I'll keep peeking at it online.

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@Sunsy i can only see it with 30x power. I've got a spotting scope with solar filter. I can't see it with eclipse glasses, or my quick pinhole job. If you try projecting it on something, it must be smooth and clean, like blank paper, to see detail this fine.

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I had another one of those recurrent “back at Disneyland” dreams. However it was kinda unique since this time I did get to get on one of the dream rides (they usually end before I can). I still remember the dream quite clearly so I figured it would be fun to write it down.

It seems to be based off on the fact that I wanted to ride the Matterhorn bobsleds during our last visit in January, but wasn’t able to. However, even though the outside looked like Matterhorn, I’m fairly certain my brain completely made up the contents of the ride.

It started with the bobsled-kinda-looking-cart going up into an area decorated like the solar system, for whatever reason. It was pretty, if out of place. After that it went through a more appropriate short section in what looked like ice caverns, before the cart got into the next section.

It was a dark Industrial looking room, with shiny metal appliances and pipes in the background. Probably inspired by me playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 before bed. However, the main attraction in this section was the big projection of Pennywise’s (the clown) face on the wall, looking a bit cartoonier, but still trying to be scary. After some minor hauntings in the room, I got to see the clown being constrained by none other than Carl, from Jimmy Neutron. Yeah I have no idea why Carl. Probably just memed his way into my dream.

From there the cart moved to what looked like a small Roman auditorium, but it was completely empty and the cart stopped. The usual ride malfunction recording started playing for a while, but then the lights went out, and the person started talking about how we should not leave the cart because “they” are watching us. Then the lights went back on and there were lots of faceless animatronics surrounding the area, followed by intervals of the lights going in and out and they getting closer. When they were right about to reach the cart, a hatch opened in the ground and we started going down fast.

On the way down, we were sprayed with green goo, for whatever reason, but the ride ended with us splashing into a little river like on the splash mountain ride, which rinsed it off. I think my brain wanted the goo to be the part where the ride takes a picture, but mixed it with Nickelodeon slime thanks to Carl being there earlier.

Then I remember being disappointed because that was a very short ride.

The end. I woke up after that.

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@Woomy_NNYes I didn't even try, after seeing how small Mercury looked, I didn't think a pinhole projector would be able to show something that small.



Sneak peek what i was drawing just now.
Leaked of my Calendar 2020 in progress. 😅

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@ThanosReXXX Ohh man. That could have been bad. That barricade is a relief compared to the ditch, that’s for sure. Good thing it was there.

Some of the countryside roads here are narrow, lack streetlights, unbarricaded, and next to big ditches or canals. It’s just a disaster waiting to happen, even for the sober.



@Sunsy I'm like that too, I am the kind of guy who isn't overly negative about games in general. Sure I don't like every single game that I've played, but I do try to find any positive aspects of games. The whole "bring back national dex" debate reminds me of how people reacted to Waluigi remaining as an assist trophy in Smash Ultimate. Not gonna lie, I got kind of annoyed every time someone said "Waluigi for Smash Ultimate" in the comments. I just wanna enjoy the game, for crying out loud!

Speaking of New Super Lucky's Tale, I just played the demo yesterday and I liked it! The controls are great and it's just bursting with charm. I might pick it up sometime.

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@MarioLover92 That's like me too, there are games I don't like as well, but I always had a habit of finding things I like out of them. Agreed, here I'm more of a casual Pokemon fan nowadays, and personally I have never been able to catch 'em all. So I usually just play and enjoy Pokemon games. I do understand that there are some who are upset about it.

Glad you like it. I've been enjoying Super Lucky's Tale ever since buying the PC one, and I enjoy the improvements made on the Switch demo. Going to wait until after Christmas to buy it, in event I receive it as a gift. My only downside to November/December game releases, I can't buy any of them because of Christmas gifts I may potentially get. I usually get one or two games as a gift.



Still waiting for Failout 76 to update. The radio stations better be good.


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@Anti-Matter Hey, whaddaya know? You drew me...

@NotTelevision Yeah, it sure was lucky. To be honest, though, thinking back on it now, I also think that besides the alcohol, youthful bravado played a reasonably big part in it as well. Eighteen/nineteen year olds that just barely got their driver's licenses (18 is the age limit over here), shouldn't be driving around in their father's Mercedes, especially not when it's packed full of a bunch of possibly distracting friends...

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Thinking about the area now, where everything is restaurants and bars, and liquor stores and supermarkets with liquor, etc. It occurred to me that greater than 40% of drivers on the road are driving intoxicated. In fact virtually every car leaving every one of these restaurants is illegal. I haven't even heard the word "designated driver" in 15 years. And this is a zero tolerance state with 1 drink being over the limit. That explains a lot, actually....

@HobbitGamer I was a day 1 FO76 buyer. Thus you can only assume the last time I touched that steaming pile was in 2018

It was horrendously awful. I mean incomparably so. That being said, they did talk about that single player mode with actual NPCs this E3. I'm not sure if that's out yet, but maybe there's at least a game in the box now, instead of just, you empty wasteland. Someone forgot it was supposed to be a game and not an actual apocalypse simulator.



@ThanosRexxx I think you're right, and but I don't share other's optimism that the majority of negative comments online are constructive. It's not even close in my experience, the vast majority are mud slinging, insults and threats.

But some are valid points too, it happens.

@Kidfunkadelic83 See below.

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@NotTelevision If it wasn't like that here in nearly every comment section on SW/SH articles at this point, I'd probably still bother. XD

@ThanosReXXX Thanks for the compliment! I don't often let my mouth run away with me as I'm often fairly reserved IRL, but I have had to work on the "think before you speak" thing sometimes. On the other side of the spectrum are those precious few situations where I do hold my tongue even if my temper at the time says otherwise....

I'm glad you survived that escapade; that definitely would've freaked out a lot of people I'd think. Definitely yours truly. Sounds like you took the life lesson of that incident to heart. I hope everyone else on that fateful ride feels the same.

B roads over there sound like county highways around here; some are lit at well-traveled intersections and so on, but otherwise you have to rely on your vehicle's lighting or that from a residence/farm lot you might be passing.

@Sunsy While I understand some of the complaints, a lot of the whining at this point is 1. People getting up in arms and making assumptions about a game they haven't even played yet, or 2. Whining about leaks that they shouldn't even be viewing or have access to until launch. While I agree that the franchise shouldn't be on a yearly release schedule like what they've been doing for example, most of the rest of the changes like Dexit make sense from a dev and design perspective. The truth is I don't think anyone truly believed that the franchise would balloon into the juggernaut that it currently is.

In some regards I'm fairly casual when it comes to the franchise; I've been playing the games since near the beginning but never got into the competitive aspects of it outside of some friendly matches with acquaintances IRL. Perfect breeding and shiny hunting, at least back in the day, is/was too boring and time consuming. I've finished the whole Pokedex once, but that was back in Pokemon Diamond when I had much more time and fewer games on my hands. I only tend to collect my favorites in each game nowadays, and only as long as that interests me.

While I do have a few misgivings about SW/SH, those are outweighed by my excitement when something new is revealed. What kills me a little is that I don't feel I can discuss anything about these games in an optimistic manner online without wading into a dumpster fire.

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@Heavyarms55 Well, in that case we are in full agreement, because I never said that the majority of negative comments is constructive. I only said that constructive criticism is literally the only way for a negative/critical tone to actually add something to the conversation, instead of just being negative for the sake of it.

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@NEStalgia I’m 30 minutes in now. Immediate impressions:
-It’s at least pretty, but New Vegas did that already
-The hunger/thirst isn’t harder than New Vegas on hardcore
-Ticks were the first enemy to sneak up and freak me out, like flightless cazadores

So basically, they tried to make a more successful New Vegas, but they’re not Obsidian 😂


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@Tyranexx Yeah, county highways sounds about right, although in my mind, highway and freeway both "feel" too big and too busy, if you get what I'm trying to say. The ones I'm talking about, are two lane roads, but two of the smallest possible lanes, because they're crisscrossing farmland, and what they basically are is either old horse and carriage roads that have since been asphalted, or newer parts put in between to connect various areas to each other.

As for the accident: the weird thing is how fast it happened, even when driving relatively slow. One minute you're on the road, and the next your head lights are illuminating a ditch-side warning fence...

Crazy thing is we weren't even scared. Because all of us were in various stages of inebriation, you kind of just see it happening in some detached way, and only realize what you just escaped from, when the damage is already done. Our reasoning to get into the car was also relatively simple: we were quite far from the camping site, so we simply HAD to get back, and having spent all our money on food and drinks didn't leave much, if anything for a taxi, and so we ultimately chose to go back in the car that we came in. Obviously also because our friend would never be able to explain to his dad why he didn't bring the car back without some serious repercussions.

Obviously, all the wrong things to think about, and all the wrong reasons to get into that car, but hindsight is of course always 20/20...

'The console wars are like boobs. Sony and Microsoft fight over which ones look the nicest and Nintendo's are the most fun to play with.'

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