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Hello I've used this site for my own benefit twice now (Hypercharge Unboxed and Fenyx Uprising are both fantastic btw).

Now I want to give back in the only meagre I know: If you have old pokemon games sell now!

The reason I believe now is the time to part with those old memories is simple, I think Pokemon will release a master collection and drive the prices down, this is purely speculative admittedly, but the signs are there. I parted with my copy of Soul Silver and White 2 and was rewarded handsomely.

Color Splash is underrated!


I highly doubt there'll be a "master collection" with all the older games. Mainly for one fact. Gens 4 and 5 depend on having two screens. I could see them releasing gen 1-3 in a collection, but nothing after. Even then, I just simply don't see Gamefreak making a collection of old ports. Especially when they could remake those same games, and charge full price for them.

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