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Finished Lake this evening. It's a nice short game kind of like Firewatch. Basically you play a woman who comes to a small town for a week to take a temp job at the post office. You delivery mail throughout the day but you can also interact with the various people on your route and after your shift as well. You can date one of the towns people if you choose to as well. After the week you have a big decision to make.

It's not an overly deep game, it's rather short, six to seven hours long but it's a nice pallet cleanser game. It does have replay value to a point as you choose different choices each time you play so there's that.

It's a charming game to be quiet honest and as I said it's a great pallet cleanser after playing a deeper game. I quite enjoyed my time with the game.

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@Ralizah Good to know! I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I'm a fan of the 3D effect (if it's used) in most of the 3DS titles I've played. Overall I liked how Level-5 used it in Miracle Mask, but you could tell they were just getting their feet wet. I don't have Azran Legacy yet but hope to pick it up digitally before long. I'd love buying a physical copy, but even used copies were ludicrously priced before the pandemic made 3/DS game prices skyrocket.

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I beat SMT V a few days ago my playthrough was 101 hours.
Amazing game - recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs.
One of the best games to come out this year along with Monster Hunter Rise.

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Beat all stages as every character EXCEPT the final world in Super Mario 3D World, though to be fair, I did use extra Joy-Con to summon the remaining characters at the flag post just prior to grabbing it as it would have driven me absolutely mad if I had to beat each stage again an additional four times.

All that remains is Champion's Road and the final Mystery House tour, both of which I have yet to conquer, going as far back as the original Wii U release.

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Just beat Brilliant Diamond yesterday. What a fantastic game man. It has genuine faults, no doubt about it, but, in a similar vein to Mario Sunshine (another of my favourite games), it makes me love it even more.

Being able to use Pokemon I always dreamed of using like Torterra and Honchkrow along with ones I wouldn't even have considered prior like Floatzel and especially Glaceon. After seeing a certain streamer give their team members personalities, I decided to do the same. To simplify everything, cocky Floatzel, cold Glaceon (funny pun is funny), drunken (then sobered) Lickilicky, stealthy Toxicroak, vain Honchkrow and kind Torterra.

I also imposed an artificial difficulty where I would cap my main mons at 2 or so levels below the big fights ace. This wasn't the case for Cynthia since I was 6 levels under (pianos start playing) but that just made me winning with a last ditch Glaceon Blizzard all the sweeter. Understand every bit of hate this game gets but man. MAN. Loved it. Absolutely adored it even.

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I actually finally beat Dark Souls the other day, after giving up at the Gaping Dragon years ago. Felt like a real accomplishment, those From Software games can be sadistically cruel.



I beat Disc Room on Steam yesterday (also available on Switch) - a game where you dodge saw blades, people have described it as akin to bullet hells.
I found it quite difficult - especially the last boss (before the "hard mode" begins), although this may be because I chose to use a keyboard to play it.
In hindsight, maybe not a good idea, because after a session two nights back, my little finger was a bit stiff with my right hand working the arrow keys. I'd be worried about doing lasting damage if I tried to beat the hard mode, so if I ever get into it again, I'll use a gamepad.

I was determined to beat the boss, and I appreciated being able to jump straight back in to an make another attempt, but on the other hand, being so determined to beat it makes it hard to stop - I finished the game with 2130 deaths (254 to the main boss, although it said I "encountered" that particular disc 1798 times, and in its 3 phases, it launches smaller discs which have their own kill/encounter counts).

A lot of my success in the game was likely down to RNG - the saw blades spawn and move unpredictably, and some runs on the last boss were easier than others. Nevertheless, it was probably the most difficult game I've played in a long while, and I'm glad I managed to beat it. For Backloggery purposes.

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I beat Sekiro yesterday, and it really makes me remember what i want from great boss fights. Just continuosly getting better while not even getting any significant new skills(at least i barely used those against bosses) throughout the game just feels great and satisfying as you really learn those moves and indulge yourself in the greatness of parrying and evading stuff. The story and overall gameplay for normal enemies was also pretty good, albeit a little more frustrating to me with having to just walk and defeat the lesser enemies again and again to get to a mini boss...
But game was really great! and it is all the more satisfying since i never finished a from Software game before.

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