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I tried to search a lot to see if there were already existing forums of this topic, but I only could find old ones that have since then been archived and can no longer be commented on. To add on, the forums were centered on specific games and specific themes (e.g. favorite snow level). However, if there is a thread of this topic that I was not able to find and is active or if it is too similar, please close the thread. The thread is mostly asking for levels of any theme in any game, and is not limited.

I’m bored, so I wanted to make a topic! It’s a pretty boring and straightforward one, so which level in a couple of video games you have played are your favorites, and which ones are your least favorite ones? Any game from any console can be mentioned here! Feel free to list more than one. You can also list more than one level from a game too, as that is what I am going to be doing here.

I’ll add more, but I'll list down the levels that come to my mind right now:


Click Clock Wood (Banjo-Kazooie)

This level is pretty big, but I love it! The level is set at a gigantic tree, with the level and the collectibles split into four different seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter, and it's such an interesting design choice I've never seen in a game. Grant Kirkhope's cheery music makes it enjoyable and cozy, and some of the small differences the level has with its characters and design depending on the seasons are what make the season-changing thing more realistic and fun. Going on the tree and gradually getting higher and higher and seeing its different parts and charming inhabitants, entering parts of the tree and transforming into a bee flying around the place to see all the stuff in the level was my favorite.

It's War (Conker's Bad Fur Day)

This is probably the coolest level in the game. I was contemplating whether to place it in the hated section for its difficulty, but I think that is more on me not being good at it. The level has several parodies of the film Saving Private Ryan, with the level centered on a total war between a group of squirrels and evil teddy bears. While the earlier parts of the level aren't stellar and can be a bit repetitive, the level becomes exciting and hype once you see the cutscene that plays just as the squirrels are preparing to enter the beach; the scene is brutal, but so well done and sets the tone of the level.

The moments after that are so amazing, not to mention they make Conker so freaking cool during the level...the part where he whips out dual submachine guns, starts smoking a cigar, and gets serious before going in and fighting the teddy bears was probably the most memorable part. Though the level is very violent and a bit difficult to play with how slow the controls are, it is still my favorite, and it was very satisfying when I finished the level successfully. To add, there is a pretty important message in the level's final cutscene about how the generals and people involved in wars forcefully draft and send untrained men to die in war, which enhanced the memorability of the level for me.

Carrington Institute (Perfect Dark)

I won't go into it a ton since it has some slight spoilers for the game, but the level is so hyped and exciting with what happens during the level. If you have played the game, you might know why I feel this way about it.


Uga Buga (Conker's Bad Fur Day)

Despite how much I love the game, this is maybe the worst level it has by far. The entrance is difficult, as you have to time your movement underwater at the right moments to avoid these blades that kill you in one hit, and I believe this is one of the most notorious parts everyone mentions for the game. The second part of the entrance to the level is a bit better, but it comes off as extremely annoying, as you have to avoid getting bitten by these running dinos that, while they don't deal much damage, can gradually sap your health if you run into them too much. There was an escort mission where you had to escort a cute baby dino, but I didn't mind this part because there were no consequences or rules (e.g. keeping the escort safe) and it is one of the better escort missions I have encountered in a game. The part that stuck out the most for me in how bad and notorious it was is this poorly done race inserted before the boss of the level, which is made worse with the controls since the game is old. You have to retrieve money that these cavemen stole from you by racing them on hoverboards in a lava environment and getting close to them to hit them and make them fall off of their hoverboards, which does sound easy at first, but you have to go at a fast speed to catch up to them (especially the last caveman) and avoid colliding with walls, timing jumps at the right moment, and avoiding these giant dino's legs, which probably has the worst hitbox I have ever seen in a game.

There is a prehistoric nightclub in the level that I liked a lot (and would say is my favorite part of the level, plus the nightclub has a banger song playing in the background) but the game does not explain what to do when you need to free Conker's girlfriend. Specifically, it was this part where you needed to make these two boulder partygoers curl up into a rock and then roll them down these doors via a very unorthodox and really weird way to break the cage his girlfriend is trapped in. You need to use one of the trigger buttons to make the partygoers roll down farther, but the game does not tell the player this and it was not until I read a YouTube comment that I knew how to complete the part correctly. The level, although unique, is full of infuriating design choices. Whenever I do playthroughs of the game, I use the chapter function to skip parts of the level...I lose so much of my energy over it.

Skedar Ruins (Perfect Dark)

I was pretty close to dropping the game because I did not know what to do at first, and it was maybe the one level in PD that made me the most mad. There is this part where you throw a gadget onto three pillars, which detonate once the task is completed. However, there are multiple pillars, and you have to make sure you use the gadget on the correct three pillars. To tell which ones are right, you use a special tool that shows the locations of the correct ones on the map. However, the correct pillars generate differently for each playthrough, and the game does not explain that or the fact you need to use a tool to tell which one is right, so I kept using the gadgets on the wrong pillars and repeatedly failed the final level. There was no way to remove the gadgets from the wrong pillars, and I had assumed I needed to place them in a specific way, which just led to more failures. I only found out what to do from another YouTube comment, as the playthrough I used also didn't explain how to do it. The enemies are pretty strong on top of that, and while the final boss wasn't the worst, the aiming was off and it was a bit hard to shoot at it.

Level 11 (Snake Rattle 'n' Roll)

I cannot remember if this stage has a name or not. Compared to the other games I am listing here, I didn't like this game a ton and I only really played it cuz why not, and to also get my money's worth with my purchase of Rare Replay. Still, the final level in this game is the absolute WORST, mostly with its "final boss," which is just a gigantic foot that hops all around the place, and to defeat it, you have to follow it around while hitting it repetitively with no pauses, which is very tiring and repetitive, and the movement of the player character does not help either. On top of that, you have to avoid getting hit by boulders, which I think are almost impossible to miss. This level prevented me from completing the game and a playthrough I used did not even help, so I am still very salty about it.

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Banjo is the best! I love Rare and 90s-00s games a ton.

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There's probably more that I can no doubt think of, but I think ones I dislike do stand out like a sore thumb amongst games that tend to have really good levels. I'd say each game that has a level I hate in it has a level I like in the same game.


  • Atlantica - Kingdom Hearts 1/2.
    God, its maze like and boring. Half your abilities are gone due to being underwater, and its extremely easy to get lost given KH1 did not have a map. I'm not even sure what's worse, KH1's or KH2.
  • Okumura's Palace - Persona 5.
    Many reasons I can think of, but this is one origin point for the whole Haru has no screen time meme with most of her section being taken by the whole Morgana Ryuji fight thing which I always found dumb. Its the weakest palace I think in the game and its not that close either.
  • Blightown - Dark Souls.
    This area really isn't all that bad on future consoles, but the one I am referring to is the original 360/PS3 version of it. It run so badly, I cannot emphasize how bad the framerate was on those consoles. Forget 30fps, the framerate would often drop to 20 or less and it made the experience absolutely horrible.
  • Elecman's Stage - Megaman Battle Network .
    The first battle network is missing a few quality of life things that later games would have so it just makes this stage a bit more frustrating. High encounter rate, and ending off with a double boss fight. SneakRun doesn't exist yet and the only way you can run away from battles in the first game is if you have a escape chip specifically.
  • Missile Transport Road - Shinobi Legions .
    A game I know no one has probably played, but the last mission in this game has you trying to avoid missiles with very tight timings that were one shot you if you mess up. That wouldn't be a problem if it was a tight platformer or something, but this game in terms of its platforming always felt a bit floaty to me and doesn't feel as nice as I would like. And to top it all off it ends with a difficult boss fight. I died many, many times. I gave myself 99x lives and I used nearly every one of those lives for both the stage and the boss.

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I'm not sure if I could say which one, but my most hated level is almost certainly in Mario Maker 2 given the thousands of levels I have played and the number of people who purposefully try to make excruciating levels that are the perfect combination of tedious and unfair.

My favorite level probably changes a lot but at the moment it's hard not to be Piranha Plants on Parade in Mario Wonder just because... Piranha plants on parade.

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What an awesome topic! As far as best goes.
1. Masterplan- Hifi Rush
A great, high energy level with sensational music, the best group enemy fight in the game, and one of the best bosses I've ever played. I would also just recommend this game strongly in general if you've never played.
2. Metro kingdom- Mario Odyssey
Not sure if this quite counts as a level, but I'm gonna count it. I swear I spent half my playtime in Odyssey just messing around in this place. Just seriously so fun.
3. City Escape- Sonic Generations
It's city escape, what more is there to say?
4.The one cooking show portion in Psychonauts 2
One could say it's slightly more pleasant than a mouthful of nails.

Now for worst, there are definitely a handful that come to mind. These aren't in order like the best are btw.
1. Labrynth zone- Sonic the hedgehog
Just so bad. A level that makes me want to stop playing the game because it's slow and zero fun.
2. Planet Wisp- Sonic Generations.
Not to be confused with planet wisp from sonic colors, which is great. This however, is just a tedious slog.
3. Imperial tower- Sonic Forces
I'm starting to see a pattern.
4. Blurry Flurry- DKC Tropical Freeze
It's a shame that such a near perfect game is bogged down with one dreadful level, but alas, what can be done?
5. The one random Buzz stealth mission in Toy story 3 for the DS
Younger me couldn't do stealth apparently.
6. The Sandbird, corona mountain, and the entirety of the hotel and noki bay in Mario Sunshine
I don't like Mario Sunshine I guess.

This list seems negative, but I guess the bad levels stuck out more than the good ones. That's kinda interesting to me. But yeah, fun topic, and I can't wait to read what others have to say!



Favorite Levels:

  • The Summit (Celeste): A perfect final gauntlet to a near perfect game
  • Sawmill Thrill (DKC: Tropical Freeze): One of the most endlessly creative and exhilirating levels I've ever played
  • Murder On The Owl Express (A Hat In Time): I love murder mysteries, and this stage runs with the concept so hard
  • Maze Of Memories (Klonoa 2): Getting to explore a literal MC Escher painting makes for an incredibly trippy and unique stage
  • Sandship (Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword): Has pretty much everything I want in a good dungeon from the unique setting to the complex puzzle box design

Least Favorite Levels:

  • Wily Castle 4 (Mega Man 2): Invisible floor tiles, tedious moving platforms, a cramped room full of shielded enemies, and the worst boss in all of gaming capping it off
  • Clinger Winger (Battletoads): Requires timing so precise that it might as well be luck, and it's even worse if you're not playing the game on the original hardware
  • Pachinko (Super Mario Sunshine): Just flat out broken
  • Water Temple (Zelda: TotK): The poorest excuse for a dungeon I've ever seen
  • Death Wind (F-Zero): Wind physics in a racing game is an idea so awful that no wonder all the sequels (barring 99) dropped the concept



@StarryCiel Yeah, sawmill thrill is absolutely awesome!!! Also like the sand ship, but the boss at the end is rough due to the inconsistency of the skyward strike. Can't agree on the water temple, but I can kind of see where you're coming from. I think I'm biased because I find Sidon entertaining. Overall though, really cool list!



Toy Time galaxy. seriously whoever came up with the idea to have Mario traverse through a toy based world deserves a raise.
Scorch volcano and crater hole from Denpa men
My god those levels were not at all fun with all those enemies that can attack all your denpa men and for some reason it seems like in general crowd attacks in denpa men hit far too hard in the game even if your denpa men are resistant to it.



1. Catacombs in Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Beautifully drawn and creepy. And the tune Rainbow Cemetery fits perfectly here!

2. Ravenholm in Half-Life 2. What can I say ... I love creepy unsettling areas. Ravenholm is terrifying and I will remember it forever!

3. Resident Evil Village - Castle Dimitrescu. Gorgeous building with both intense sequences and quiet places.

I can name more and more but you get my general likes ... creepy areas.

1. Diablo 3 - Whimsical portal. I really hate areas that clearly are a joke and do not fit in serious games. Rainbows, unicorns and teddy bears in a Diablo game? Even as a joke it does not fit

2. Bloodborne - Nightmare of Mensis. I hate those lanterns that fill up your Frenzy when they look at you. Making it like a stealth area ... ugh!

3. Half-Life 2 - Later City 17 area. After you return to City 17 and have to go through the whole city fighting. I really dislike it and it is way too stretched out, on the verge of being boring.


The nice first easy forest/green level.

I am not very good at this.

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@Bigmanfan Yeah, I'm not expecting everyone to agree with me on TotK's Water Temple, but as someone who loves the more puzzlebox-like dungeons, a mostly flat open surface with a bunch of puzzles on it felt really disappointing to me.



@FishyS All those troll levels get so annoying in SMM2!

A few levels that stand out as favorites:

  • Chapter 3/6 (Paper Mario TTYD)
  • Chapter 3/8 (Paper Mario 64)
  • Bob-Omb Battlefield/Thwomp Fortress (Super Mario 64)
  • 1st level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land (I don’t remember the name, but it’s an awesome start to an awesome game!)
  • Perplexing Pool (Pikmin 2)

Levels that stand out I don’t like:

  • Earlier levels of the space chapter from Super Paper Mario) (it gets better, but initially the first few levels of it are weak)
  • Paper Mario Sticker Star chapter 3
  • Many ‘city’ maps from Mario Kart Tour

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Mario RPG, and Mario & Luigi Brothership all on one console is LEGENDARY


In recent memory...

Best: Mega Man 2 - Bubble Man
Great music. Water buoyancy physics bogarted from Super Mario Bros.. Looks good, plays well. Just a pleasant experience.

Worst: Daemon X Machina - Destroy the Dominator
A game that's relatively fine throughout...until the final boss fight. Probably the worst difficulty spike I've experienced in a while. Never bothered to finish the game. Don't need the frustration, I'm good, thanks.

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@StarryCiel nah you’re right, TotK Water Temple was bad. I actually really like OoT’s Water Temple but the newest one is truly pathetic


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  • The Great Plateau in BOTW. I spent at least 5 hours exploring before I completed the shrine quests. It was an amazing sandbox to introduce you to the game mechanics. Probably the best example of an introduction to everything you'll need to succeed in the game.
  • Super Metroid, start of game. What an amazing example of setting an atmosphere and creating tension. It's an exciting start to an amazing game.
  • Mario Wonder, I agree with @FishyS and Piranha Plants on Parade, that level was so fun.
  • MGS3 - I loved the sniper battle with The End. Some of the MGS boss battles are tough/frustrating, and I found that fight to be so fun.

Worst: I have a hard time remembering what I didn't like, but a few do stand out

  • Dark Souls - Bolt Bow Enemies on the rooftop. I can't remember exactly where this is in the game, but it is where I stopped playing. The problem - you save a ways away from the location on the roof - and need to rotate a large staircase, which takes a ton of time, and trek along to the rooftop. Once on the rooftop, if you are hit with a bolt, it's instant death. I spent hours trying to get through this, and failed every time. The frustration built and I dropped the game, which was disappointing because I was really enjoying it.
  • End of Xenoblade Chronicles - I was a bit under leveled and everything killed me. Can't remember how far into the end, but I had to turn on easy mode to just continue forward. I tried battling the boss, over and over, to no success - it was frustrating.
  • TMNT on the NES - that underwater sewer level was the absolute worst
  • Battletoads - I think it was level 3, where you repel - I don't think I ever beat that level. The first level is so great, would love to beat the game some day.



Best levels:
-Level 6 of Celeste
-At least 1/3 of Banjo Kazooie's levels
-Witchy World - Banjo Tooie
-Most barrel focused DKC levels (outside of the swamp in DKC2)
-Hydrocity Zone - Sonic 3
-The long final level of Octo Expansion in Splatoon 2
-Sanctuary Fortress - Metroid Prime 2
-Flying Machine - Shovel Knight
-The music levels and endless levels in Rayman Legends
-Geminiman stage - Megaman 3
-A decent handful of Rhythm Heaven levels in general (Shoot-em-up, DJ School and Wii remix 3 come to mind)
-Probably half the later levels in Portal
-Shiverburn Galaxy (if forced at gunpoint to choose only one 3d Mario level)
-Area 6 in Star Fox 64

-World 3 of Sticker Star
-Like half the levels in the one campaign of RE6 I played
-The White House level of Modern Warfare 2 (just for wasting spectacle on obnoxiously boring level design)
-The final puzzle in Zero Escape: 999 (I don't care what anyone says, its a stupid way to end your game)

Level 9 of Celeste and level 5 of Castlevania are both

tried to avoid Zelda dungeons or similar things to that

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@kkslider5552000 I considered saying a Rayman Legends music level also. Those are wonderful.


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favorites: late chapter 5 in xenoblade 3
final mario wonder level (castle bowser)
big man boss fight splatoon 3
most hated:
chapter 7 portal two
after alterna 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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Best: Rickety Race from DKC2

I'll still load up DKC2 sometimes just to play this level.

Worst: Tubular from Super Mario World

This level caused me untold amounts of grief back in the day.



@OctolingKing13 I have a feeling that the last Mario Wonder level may be on some people's most hated . It took me close to 100 lives to finally get past the final portion, but it felt so great once I did.



@Lazz ACK I DIDN’T MEAN THE FINAL FINAL ONE THAT ONE MY PATIENCE WOULD NOT WIN !! i eas meaning the bowser castle fight whoopsie !!! wow tho, good job for beating that i could never !!

Taylor from Blank Space was my old pfp if anyone gets confused. this is tay from he latest album
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