Topic: Favorite video game levels (and most hated ones!)

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@Lazz @OctolingKing13 The last Wonder level has nothing on bad Mario Maker levels, but I do think it was bad level design. Their trolly invisible section that is sometimes automatic and sometimes not is stupid and they should have at least put a checkpoint before it so it could have been a 'ha ha' section rather than being after several long other sections meaning it took forever to retry the invisible part each time. Well made difficult levels should make you feel accomplished when you beat it, but because the difficulty was because of a stupid reason, it just made the level and thus the whole game feel less good even after beating it. Granted, I still rated the game 10/10, but I was tempted to lower it.

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@OctolingKing13 - ahh, gotcha! Yes, the last regular level (pretty much every level) was great
@FishyS - I agree, that last portion should have had a checkpoint. Before invisibility, I really enjoyed the challenge. I got to the point where I could run through that last portion (from the last checkpoint) with my eyes closed. But the invisibility portion felt like I beat it more due to sheer luck than anything else. I will say, my hands were SUPER shaky as I crossed the finish line. And you are right, it's better than bad Mario Maker levels...but with those I have no problem just skipping.



@OctolingKing13 Huh. Wasn't expecting portal 2 on a most hated list. I get it though. I don't mind it, but it's the games weakest chapter by far.


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