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So I had this idea for a new princess peach game that stars the other mario girls as playable characters too. Instead of super princess peach 2 I decided this should be a new game on it's own called Super Peach sis.

The story:
Bowser and kamek team up with king boo and Stanley(who is now revived as a zookeeper who wants to capture donkey kong) to kidnap lubba, mario, luigi, and donkey Kong. Mario and the other 3 all posses a hidden star power. Mario: the star of bravery. Luigi: the star of negativity. Donkey Kong: the star of strength. Lubba: the star of mind. When all brought to the center of the universe they all summon a fairy goddess(unnamed)that will grant 4 wishes and disappear for 100 years. Bowser intends to use these wishes to make him and his new acquaintances imortal rulers of the universe.

The game starts off with princess peach inviting everyone to a ball at her castle. Mayor Pauline and a nervous donkey Kong approach the castle. However as they enter an anxious Rosalina appears from a magic portal and warns everyone of bowser's plans. We then get a flashback of bowser attacking the comet observatory and kidnapping lubba. When her flashback ends bowser and gang crash the ball King boo kidnaps luigi, Stanley kidnaps donkey Kong, and before mario can react bowser grabs mario and leaves on his airship.
Peach, Daisy, Pauline, and Rosalina now must set out on an adventure to save Mario and friends.

I thought the gameplay can be in the style of either 3D world, mario+rabbids, or something new.

Why Stanley?
I think the inclusion of more human mario characters is fun but lately they've only been adding girls. Of course I love the attention rosalina and Pauline received but it's been so long since we've seen a new Male human appear. I believe reviving him as a zookeeper that captures Donkey Kong makes sense since they took that role from mario away long ago after Donkey Kong Jr.

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So we will get started on that right away. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

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