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To begin let's break down the channel's name (Ni)ntendo (Ga)mes (Se)ries
I grew up with Nintendo as many of you might have. My DS was the best companion back when I was young (Well,I still am young!) and I love Nintendo games,I haven't played a lot but I bet that there are thousands of great games out there to try together with you!
So as you might have guess so far,I will be uploading Nintendo games' videos,either they will be just gameplay videos or walkthrough videos.
The channel is new,within some time I will set a schedule of videos. What I think of doing is uploading gameplay videos through the week of games that you will suggest and on the weekends I will be doing walkthrough videos of a game that again,you will choose!
I'll be more than happy if you have any suggestions for games that you want to see me playing and what you think of this idea

Thank you for your time!

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Welcome to the site @NiGaSe , we don't allow threads to be made when the sole purpose is to advertise YouTube channels etc. Please have a look over the rules found here: and in future use your signature to display YouTube channels and other such things, thanks.

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