Topic: Do you prefer the Original DS or DS Lite?

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I prefer the Original DS. It's more comfort to hold and the GBA cartridges fit in the system.



DS Lite.
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Lite, it's probably my favorite dual screen system from Nintendo overall.

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The original DS is a hideously ugly handheld. No idea why anyone would prefer it over the much nicer looking Lite model.

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@Ralizah Because it's a lot bigger, I don't care what it looks like



The only other DS variation that I have beside the OG model is the DSi. DS Lite is a more handsome piece of tech, though.

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The DS Lite! I find it more sleek than the original DS, plus the variety of limited editions and colors was nice. I always found the original DS too clunky.

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Luna_110 wrote:

The DS Lite! I find it more sleek than the original DS, plus the variety of limited editions and colors was nice. I always found the original DS too clunky.

This summarizes my thoughts quite well. I still miss my phat blue DS, though. That thing was built like a tank!

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I bought a DS Lite just recently, and despite its monotone colour scheme, it is pretty sexy. I've never held an original DS, but the Lite looks better in pictures.

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I like the OG DS but I think games look better on the DSlite. Not sure if they used a better screen or what. Of course either one is better then the DSi. That was one of Nintendo's dumbest moves taking out the BC of the GBA for a camera.

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Never had an opportunity to play with the original DS, only a lite and a DSi. I think the design looks very cool though.

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I actually prefer the original DS. It looks and feels sturdier than the DS Lite, and I actually like the look of the DS. Makes it look very technical as opposed to the Lite's extremely plain appearance (which I guess was the point, anyway).
It should be said that I only really appreciated the look of the phat DS after owning dozens of Lite DS systems for years, though. But still. While the Lite DS may look glossy from the outside, I prefer the solid colors of the original DS.

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DS Lite because of brighter screens and lighter weight. The GBA cart aspect never bugged me on the Lite.

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Hands down the Lite system for me. It just looks sleeker and its also what I grew up with, the OG DS honestly looks kind of ugly to me.


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DS Lite. Compact. Lighter. Better screen. It has a perpetual motion machine for batteries.



Neither, the DSi is way better, with its sleek design and added features.


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I had original DS. My sister lost it. I got a DS lite but after a while the trigger button stopped working (think this flaw affected many DS lite). Finally i bought a DSi XL with pokemon black bundle for 100 euro the summer 3ds came out. I can't say i like DS lite too much. I prefer DSi XL but i miss the ability to play GBA games... But i think its better to just buy a REVO K101 Plus (GBA clone) for GBA games.



I would have prefered the lite, if GBA games didn't stick out like they do...

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