Topic: Do you prefer the Original DS or DS Lite?

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I'll go with the Lite too. It looks better, is physically smaller, has a better screen, and the battery lasts longer.

They might have a reputation for being a bit fragile, but mine's been round the world several times and is still going strong.



Gotta go with the good old Lite model. Yeah, the GBA games stick out of the bottom like a growth, but at least it can play them unlike the DSi models. The original DS was just this ugly, oddly shaped brick of a handheld.
Bought my "polar white" DS Lite in 2007 with Pokemon Diamond. Probably logged over a 1000 hours of play time on it over the years. It's been with me all over the country. It still works just as well as it did the day I first got it over ten years ago. Can't believe how long I've had it. Great little system.



I vote Lite. I'm a little biased because I never had the first DS model. I was dead broke when the DS first hit stores. My wife had finally graduated college and landed a job and I had just been promoted at my job when my wife surprised me with a Lite before she left on a business trip. I played that like crazy while she was gone. Good memories.



Well, both my OG and Lite broke, but that said, I'd give it to the Lite hands down. The original was a clunky mess to look at and hold, more like something you'd see in a sci fi movie than a practical product.



Original ds for me. It was the first console I ever got and I loved it. Got my blue one for my birthday and my twin sister was going to get a pink one at Christmas but she wanted to play on mine so much that she ended up getting hers for her birthday as well. So many car journeys playing AC:wild world and trying to train Nintendogs.

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I still have the original DS, bought the DS lite in 2 colors (1 of which deteriorated), and the DSi XL. I pretty much like the lite version but prefer the larger screen of the XL. Other than that I still prefer it to the original especially in terms of screen quality and brightness.

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Lite because it's better looking and has a brighter screen.



dimi wrote:

I had original DS. My sister lost it. I got a DS lite but after a while the trigger button stopped working (think this flaw affected many DS lite). Finally i bought a DSi XL with pokemon black bundle for 100 euro the summer 3ds came out. I can't say i like DS lite too much. I prefer DSi XL but i miss the ability to play GBA games... But i think its better to just buy a REVO K101 Plus (GBA clone) for GBA games.

Go get NDS Lite.
Sexier, brighter than Old NDS, still can play GBA games.

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I'll stick with the Lite. The original fat DS is truly ugly.

Plus, while I know there have been a lot of complaints with the DS Lite's hinges, but personally I haven't had any problem with them. My only problem with was with the screen, and it was my fault.

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I always liked the feel of the original DS better, and the GBA games don't stick out like a weird tumor.

But the DS lite had a better screen and fit more easily into a pocket. So... yeah. Hard to pick one.

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I owned the original DS for years, but overall, I prefer the Lite to it. Right now, I'm reliving Pokemon Black and having loads of fun getting back into the world of Pokemon.

My backlog is growing...sigh.


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