Topic: Wanted to share Amiibo Collection/Shelf for fun

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Hi friends,

Most of my friends around home aren't really into gaming, or certainly not amiibos, but I love them. So, when my wife and I took on a project with someone from Etsy to build an Amiibo shelf, with enough capacity for 2x the current collection, I thought why not post it on forums for fun

I wanted to just share my excitement with others! Love to see links of your own Amiibo projects too!

Let me know what you think!



Nice collection! The setup sort of reminds me of Melee/Brawl's Diorama Mode. I'm totally jealous over some of those amiibo you have.

(In before your thread gets locked like the duplicate that posted. Just as a little heads-up since you appear to be new, the mods go a little overboard on this site, in my opinion, when it comes to making sure two threads that are similar aren't in existence. It seems a bit much to me.No offense to the administration team.)

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