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This is a thread to discuss your amiibo collection, which amiibo you're getting in the future etc

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I will update this when Half Life 3 arrives. [Started 17/11/2015]

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I got the Yoshi and Captain Falcon amiibos pre-ordered. I also got two Shulk amiibos pre-ordered (one for personal use and the other for collecting reasons). If I like those, then I'll probably pre-order the Rosalina and Palutena amiibos. Don't know about collecting all of them since some of the characters I don't care about (Wii Fit Trainer and the Villager) and some of the amiibos look god-awful (Marth, Link, Peach, and Zelda). It'll just have to do a wait and see strategy.



I've got Mario and Link on pre-order, but I'm not missing out on Shulk and Kirby

I will update this when Half Life 3 arrives. [Started 17/11/2015]

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I currently have 0 amiibos in my collection, as does the rest of the world currently

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Right now a preorder with Link, Samus and Peach.

Depending on how much I like those, I may order Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer, Bowser and if exclusivity allows, Rosalina, Lucario and Metaknight. Duck Hunt duo is a must too.

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Well my goal is to try to collect them all, but of course that'll be difficult. But the ones I'm definitely getting are:

Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon
Mega Man
King Dedede
Meta Knight

And assuming that ALL characters in Smash will be getting amiibo, then I'll also be getting

Dr. Mario
Duck Hunt

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Pre-ordered Mario and Kirby. Also, here's the other amiibos I'm going to try to get at some point down the road:
DK, Villager, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Pit, Bowser, either Link or Toon Link (on one hand Link adds a new item to Hyrule Warriors. On the other hand, I like Toon Link more), King Dedede, Metaknight, Jigglypuff, Ness, Mr. Game and Watch, Wario, Dr. Mario, R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Ganondorf, Sonic, Megaman, and Pacman. I was going to get the Rosalina one because I'm a fan of the character, but I don't really like the way it looks... Anyways, time to start saving up.

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I might buy Lucina and Robin.

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I'll be picking up all of wave one on friday.

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probably going to pick up all the fire emblem ones, Villager, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, Shulk, Megaman, Ness, Mr Game & Watch, Duck Hunt and maybe Dr Mario.

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The only game I have that can use the Amiibo is MK8 so I will only get one and that will be Yoshi.



did the toys r us online preorder so i got kirby coming to me for free. also right now they have 3 for $30 so I might pick a few more just gonna be tough to choose. i like the mega man a lot so probably that.

edit: mega man is second wave ):

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i have a preorder through amazon for Marth, Link, and Fox atm

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I've got Samus and Captain Falcon pre-ordered. I also plan on getting Kirby at launch. Then I'll be going for Mario, Rosalina, Dedede, Meta Knight, Yoshi, and Sonic. I'll decide what to get of wave 4 once it is announced. But I'm not going to get them all, just for money reasons.

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I have Pikachu and Sheik pre-ordered and plan to get Lucina as well.

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I pre-ordered Link and plan to get Sonic in the future.

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Picked up Mario and Yoshi from a midnight launch. Pre-ordered DK, Fox, Little Mac, and Pit online. I'll pick up R.O.B. when they finally get around to making it. I think that's enough.

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I'm too afraid to get duds so I'll have to get every one in-store and see them for myself first. (just now realizing that'll be a pain for any more store exclusives they announce...)

Planning on getting Samus, Mario, Marth, and maybe Fox, DK, Link, and Kirby for the first wave. Then Little Mac and Captain Falcon for the second wave.

Mega Man is a must-buy for the third wave, and I'll get Sonic and Pac-Man to go with him and Mario. Will also get Dedede, Bowser, Robin, Lucina, Ness, and Dr. Mario.

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I got Samus for me and Yoshi for my kid pre-ordered and the rest canceled on Amazon France. I would have gotten Mario, DK, Diddy, Luigi, Peach, Fox, Cap Falcon too but after I've missed getting them for as low as 9.91€ on Amazon Spain which is now back on 13€ and most are sold out, I think I will wait for a price drop again. For the 3rd and 4th waves I'd get Rosalina, Bowser, Megaman and Sonic. For the unannounced, Pacman Dr. Mario, Wario, and Olimar are on top of my list.



Got Mario and Kirby today, and pre-ordered Luigi and Captain Falcon.

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