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should i open my amiibo or keep them sealed i'm not planning on selling them anytime but can't make up my mind HELP




If you're planing on using it, open it. If not, it's up to you.

I personally open mine, since I think they look nicer on the shelf that way.

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They're made to be used, open them

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They're made to be opened!

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Buy two sets. I'm grading one set and I've got a set to play with.

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I opened mine since I don't have the shelf space for them in their packing as I plan on getting them all.

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Open the ones you'll use now and keep the ones you'll use later on sealed, that what I did.

I only have 5 opened atm since I only focus on training 2 Amiibos in smash (my friend the other 2) and I can only unlock 5 a day in Hyrule Warriors.

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If you cannot decide, keep them sealed. Compare reasons for having them sealed or open.

Personally my 3 amiibo are sealed but I may open the Link one when I get HW.

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I just peeled off the sticker because I like the packaging a lot. Just cut the bottom of the box, take tweezers and peel the sticker off. Win-Win

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I haven't really opened them yet. Did the trick to get the sticker out of the boxes without destroying for all the caharcters you can use in Mario Kart 8 and try those figurines out with Smash. But I like the look of them in boxes too much. But thinking about having 50+ characters just from the Smash series one day it just won't fit my shelves anymore so maybe I'll free them soon.



While I really like the packaging I've opened two so far (the rest are christmas presents to myself). If i had the shelf space and they were more available I'd buy two to keep one sealed and one open but as it im jut going to put them all on the shelf like the trophy hoard in smash.

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I don't rally have plans to resell them or have them as collector's items so I really just like the packaging. I think I'll eventually open all of them with not destroying the box so I can use them and still have my favs standing on the shelv looking all shiny and untouched.



I'm gonna try to sell a glued-together Amiibo box with the figure out of it on eBay with a starting price of $0.01 and see if any idiots pay a thousand dollars for it.

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